Anyway To Speed Up My Cycle?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by brook.lyn, Apr 25, 2017.

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    So I've posted probably about a million times, but I was wondering if there's anyway to speed up my cycle or if anything is wrong with it? It's in the same place and has been for weeks.

    I dose usually 1 ppm of ammonia, and wait 24 hours. (I'm at the end of my cycle) then the next day nitrite will be at .50 - .25 and so I wait another 24 hours till nitrate is at .25-0 and then dose ammonia to 1ppm again. I've been doing this for weeks, no progress. This all used to be in a 10 gallon, and while in the 10 gallon I dosed like a I think it was 1.6 oz bottle of TSS+ but that didn't do a lot.

    But for my birthday, I got a 20 gallon ( the correct tank size for my future fish :) ) and so the other day I transferred everything ( sand, decor, most of the water, and filter ) into the 20 gallon. I asked on here, and everyone said that it would be fine and not disrupt my cycle.
    Edit: just to be clear: my 10 gallon was still in the middle of cycling, and then I transferred everything to the 20 gallon where I'm now trying to continue/finish cycling it.

    Then my mom bought me a 3.38 oz bottle of TSS+ and I poured the whole bottle of that into my new 20 gallon. I waited a day and my nitrite was at 0, as predicted since I didn't dose any nitrite and tonight I dosed 1ppm. but I was wondering if there's a way to speed up my cycle? Or any of you have an estimate on how long that will take?

    I'm going on a trip soon and need this tank done so I can just have my friend feed my axolotls and not have to do water changes!

    My levels after I dose ammonia to 1ppm in 24 hours:

    Ammonia: 0 -.25
    Nitrite: .25 - .50
    Nitrate: 40
    pH: roughly 7.6
    Temp (in °f): around low 70's

    Sorry for the long text just wanna be detailed! I use pure ammonia drops and TSS+ is the only bacteria supplement type I've ever used. And I'm aware heating up my tank will speed things up, but I don't currently have anyway to do that. Thanks in advance :)
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  2. ashenwelt

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    Honestly the heater is always the best bet. Good luck! Patience... and yeah... mine isn't so good.
  3. AllieSten

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    Why didn't you just take your media from the 10 gallon and put it in the 20 gallon. It will cycle your tank almost immediately.
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  5. AWheeler

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    You added ammonia tonight, wait until tomorrow night and test it again, then come back here again and post the numbers. You can try adding warmer water for your top offs to heat the tank slightly.
  6. smee82

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    If your using TSS is there a reason why you arent addimg your fish straight away.
  7. Eve1331

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    I am no expert but I speed up my cycle by adding a plant to add stable bacteria as well as a source to remove the nitrate build up your are starting to have. I also use microbe-lift which i have used to cycle a tank in a week from start to finish with no issues but be sure to put it right into the filter with no carbon and keep the lights off for 24-36 hr to let the media go into the filter. Also just wondering if the 10 gallon filter you had is the only filter on the 20 as that may be not be enough flow for the tank. Anyway just by 2 cents :)
  8. EternalDancer

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    Do you already have the axo, or are these the "future fish" you plan on getting?

    If you already have them, are they in a cycled tank? Is it the 10g you mentioned?

    Are you now running both the 10g filter, and the filter you'll use on the 20g in the 20g together?

    If you have a cycled tank, switch half the media out of that into the 20g and it should give you a pretty much instant cycle.

    If not, you can ask a friend/relative/lfs for media from their cycled filter. You need to trust that this media is disease-free though. I did this with my lfs because they're legit. The other stores near me, I wouldn't risk it, so that's up to you.
  9. AllieSten

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    I'm curious as to why you don't have a heater? Aren't you going to need it when you put fish in the tank?
  10. Walkerxiii

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    Best bet would be to turn the heater up and add an air stone to put more oxygen into the tank to help the aerobic bacteria and let ur media and filter deal with the anaerobic bacteria but you just have to be patient
  11. OP

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    My 10 gallon was not cycled, so I just moved everything to my 20 to continue my cycle since I was gonna eventually upgrade tanks anyways. And I don't have a heater because the "fish" I have, (they're actually amphibians) are axolotls and will stress out if water is over 70°F, so colder water = better therefore there's no filter.

    My tank is still producing a tiny bit of ammonia and nitrite which is toxic

    I do not have a cycled tank, my 10 gallon was this same cycle I just moved it to my 20 gallon cause I was going to eventually have to upgrade anyways. The filter I'm using is the same, it's a 5-20 gallon filter and it was perfect for my 10 gallon, and it's at the max for this one so I will be upgrading later but for now that's what I have. I already have the axolotls, they're in a temporary tank that I do daily water changes with.

    Yes, the 10 gallon filter is the same for my 20, it's a 5-20 gallon HOB filter so it's at max right now but I will update it soon

    No, no water changes have been done. Only "water change" was transferring the water to the 20 gallon and adding new water as well, but that was before I added the second bottle of TSS+. Other than that I've only changed the water early in my cycle.

    JUST TO CLARIFY: Some of you I think seem to be getting confused, my 10 gallon, was not completely cycled.. it was at the same spot my 20 gallon is in now, but I got the 20 gallon for my birthday and knew I would eventually have to upgrade tanks so I did it the other day, and transferred everything over to my 20 gal. That includes the filter/filter media and decor/sand/water. My axolotls are in a temporary non cycled tank with daily fresh water changes and feedings. THE FILTER: I am using the same filter I did for my 10 gal on my 20 gal. The filter is a 5-20 gallon HOB fluval filter and I do know it's like the max right now and will upgrade when I can but for the sake of right now it may have to do.

    Just thought I'd clear the air lol
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  12. AWheeler

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    I know that it is frustrating, you just want to put them in there! It should be soon, honest, it shouldn't take forever! If it makes you feel any better, I'm cleaning sand and I feel like it is going to take me 1000 years! :)
  13. OP

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    Haha thank you. When you reach the 4 month mark you just kinda lose it.. lol!