Anyway to run a canister filter on a pond?

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Is there anyway to run a canister style filter on a pond? The pond will be 100-125 gallon with a water fall adding another 10-15 gallons.

From what I have read the canister should be lower than the water level but without digging a hole to put the canister in and pumping the water to the top of the water fall I don't know of any other way to make that happen on a pond.
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Hi, canisters (typically) work on gravity. That is, once the siphon is created, gravity keeps the water feeding into the canister. The return pump in the filter only returns water, it doesn't 'suck' water from the tank.

So for a pond filters (such as the AquaOne), a 'lifter' pump is used. The pump sits in the pond, and pumps water into and through the filter, with the outlet coming back to the pond.

Here is AquaOne's page:
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OldFort Exotics
Thank you for that info I didn't know they made anything like that, but that will work perfect.

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