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Does anyone have experience with orchid mantis’s? My parents barely let me get my tank but I think they might come around to a smallish terrarium. I don’t really know anything about them because I read some website and it was bogus, just staring off here. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated!


Well, i know a lot of mantis's do not have a very long lifespan. Don't know about this one. Being found in places like Thailand, i imagine heat and humidity are a must.


Orchid Mantids are absolutely beautiful, and very easy to care for! A small enclosure with proper air flow, high humidity, a few small insects, some twigs, and you're done!

Personally, I suggest feeding flightless fruit flies! Petco sells a nice culture/kit of these for $10-$20, which will last you at least a few months! They're easy to cultivate and feed, and small enough so an adult Orchid Mantis can eat two to four every three days! Females need to eat more since they're bigger.

As for the habitat, a small terrarium, bin, jar, or container is best. It must have proper air flow, so a small mesh window in the front or holes drilled into the side will work. If you didn't know, plastic enclosures (like acrylic and PVC) hold humidity better than glass do. I would highly recommend going this route, especially if you live in a dry climate. If you live in a humid area, however (like 60-80%), definitely use glass, otherwise the enclosure could get moldy and gross! Mantids LOVE to climb, so sticks, twigs, and branches are a must! And if you want to spruce it up a bit, try vines, mosses, artificial flowers, or live plants like liverwort, philodendron, wandering jew, and many more!

Next is cleaning the enclosure! Wiping the sides down, changing the substrate...that sort of thing. If you go for a bioactive terrarium, plants and springtails will do most of the work for you, therefore cleaning won't be necessary. However, this can be expensive, although they're absolutely beautiful and fun to watch grow and thrive! If you do go for an artificial setup, however, you'll have to change the substrate at least once every two weeks.

Last, but certainly not least, handling! Orchid Mantids are small and fragile, so it's suggested you don't hold them unless you are experienced. Besides, most people's rooms are dry, and it's probably not best to take them out of their humid enclosure into a dry area!

Hopefully this helps you along your journey! Mantids are incredible animals with HUGE personalities! Good luck!
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Thank you!


Yeah, they’re fairly easy. You just have to get the humidity and airflow right, and they thrive! I strongly recommend bioactive enclosures. My mantids really seem to love them, and it’s so much easier when it comes to maintenance.

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