Anyone With Experience With Columnaris??

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    My female platys has had a white spot on her head for a few weeks now. I recently added fish 5 days ago, and it has only gotten bigger. I originally thought it was maybe something to do with ammonia and added stress from new fish, so I have done daily 20-25% water changes. It hasn't gotten better and I have noticed that my blue gourami now has these spots. It is NOT ich. I have had ich in the past and it does not look like this. It looks like they have lost some of their scales or something. I have done further research on this and came across columnaris matching most of their symptoms. Is it columnaris/what do I do to treat this before it's too late?
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    I sounds like a fungus. From what I understand Columnaris looks like a fungus, but will kill a fish very quickly.

    You're going to need to buy a med that treats fungus. In the past I have treated fungus successfully with Maracyn. Mardel (the company that made Maracyn) no longer makes it, but a company called Fritz somehow took over making it (I don't know if the bought Mardel or just the rights to make maracyn...what vever). Anyway it appears it is now very difficult to find Maracyn.

    So I can't recommend any particular med. You'll just need to go to the fish store and look for a med that will treat fungus.

    For future reference, it is bad practice to add additional fish, if any fish in your tank are having issues. Being a fish keeper involves having a lot of patience (that's the hardest part of fish keeping for me).

    Best of luck!
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    Combining Esha Exit and Esha 2000 works very well when it comes to treating fungus. It's one of those meds that treat a long list of different kinds of fungus, etc. Unfortunately like a lot of other meds it's hard to find. I bought mine off Ebay.
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    If your in the US, get nitrofurazone (furan, Jungle fungus treatment) and Kanamycin (Kanaplex) both cheap through Kensfish. Euro is kinda stuck with Esha, which has about 50% chance from what I have seen.
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    Exit is an anti Ich-med. Cause Ich can cause secundairy bacterial ./ fungal infections it is combined with Esha 2000 which is anti bacterial / fungal med.
    So if one is only treating fungus Esha 2000 is enough.

    Very true. Eshameds are (over)used here from the seventees and never changed.
    Several bacterial strains are resistamt to ut cause of that.
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    Columnaris does look like a fungal infection, and is often mistaken for fin/tail rot. Often the only way to tell the difference, is by treating fora fungal infection to eliminate that as the pathogen in question.

    How fast Columnaris kills, depends on a number of factors, such as the overall health of the fish, water quality/chemistry, the strain the fish has and the location of the infection. For example, if the gills are affected, death is likely to be quicker than if the head or mouth is affected.

    Definitely not good to add fish to a tank that, effectively, should be classed as a hospital or quarantine tank - even if that tank is the main display tank.

    OP, whereabouts are you? What country?