Anyone with crimson spotted rainbows?

  1. Everythingzen Well Known Member Member

    Put in a small school of 7 a week ago and they're doing great. They school with the cherry barbs and both species actually resemble each other in dim light. Question though, how much have yours coloured up? Mine are slowing getting a good green tinge, but the colour is still a little pale. Very awesome little fish though. True schooling behaviour and very sociable!
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Yup, gotta love rainbows :) I don't have and haven't kept that species, but if the fish are still young, it'll take time to color up. Based on the ones at petsmart, I'd say they have some growing to do. Also, many of the pics you see online are of breeding males, so it's not a representation of what they will always look like.

  3. Everythingzen Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, Jaysee. Some of them do look quite young, still only 4ish cm in length. Two are a lot bigger and their colour is comparatively stronger. I wondered if they were males, but maybe they are just a little older. Not sure what quality you get at petsmart, but if you like rainbows then I think you'd love these guys. Really lively and friendly.
  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I have red, yellow, turquoise and boesmani rainbows in the 125. I'm not sure I want any more, but i had researched yours and they come in a few colors IIRC.