Anyone Use Remote Control Led System (not Fluval)

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Spud Murphy, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Spud Murphy

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    Just looking for a little advice.. My latest build was using a comment built temporary LED System which I kinda like but its a bit messy so I bought a Remote Control LED Strip System... Although the second photo doesn't really show it the illumination is a tad weak,,,, The tank itself is 36" / 90 CM Wide and is currently using a 2 meter strip. I'm wondering if adding another meter to this will perk it up significantly, This would be the nicest solution I feel and it will be neater once mounted properly. If not I can combine both systems but this gives me a headache as one uses a 2A transformer and the other a 3A meaning 2 power sockets hogged instead of one - but it does look spot on....
    Photo 1 shows original system... Photo 2 using just the Strip IMG_0282.jpg
  2. CaptAnnDuchow

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    My remote looks identical to yours. I hate my light. I have it on a 20g long and had to add a second light for my plants.
  3. Lonnie

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    I use the Finnex 24/7 light. I love it! It's on a 24 inch, 20 gallon aquarium. I paid $99.00 for it on eBay. Comes with a remote and several setting options. Please watch the YouTube reviews and check out the prices on eBay.
  4. DavisM

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    I have a google home and this is what I use it makes my life so much easier! All I have to say is “hay google turn off the tank lights” or “hey google turn on the tank lights”. Makes my life easy.
  5. OP
    Spud Murphy

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    Is that The Fluval set (Hagen) .. yeah I looked into those here but for this size of tank with import duties etc it'd cost me closer to $200 as opposed to the $30 I shelled out for this but good suggestion if you can pick em up easily and cheap enough..... I'm talking 'generic' here.... DiY builds