Anyone use a Jehmco, HiBlow, Pondmaster etc.

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    So the fish room is almost done and I am looking at plumbing in a line that will do 20 or so tanks (40 gallon breeders).
    I have heard mixed reviews about linear piston v.s. diaphram and am not sure what to get. Here is what I am looking for.....

    A pump to run around 20 or so tanks (sponge filters)
    Must be fairly quiet
    Economical to run
    A good price

    I was going to get a jehmco but then I had a few people suggest a HiBlow or a Pondmaster.

    Does anyone have first hand experience with these pumps and if so please give me your thoughts on them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    tommy jr.

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    No one has any info on any of these?
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    Fantastic info! Thanks for the video, I appreciate it.

    Keep the info coming everyone!
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    I don't know about the models you speak of, but go with the piston model.

    This is the one I use (too small for your needs) it is a magnetic piston driven pump

    I have run 4 tanks for 5 years. Not a lick of trouble with it. I have never had a diaphragm air pump that was worth a dang. The tanks are UG filtered with bubble stones, and I have power to spare.

    It is air suspended in the basement with a 1/4" ID tubing to the gang valves on the first floor.
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    Great info so far everyone and much appreciated. Anyone else?