Anyone like Justin Bieber

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Okay, so I'm a bit of a freak. I'm 20 years old and I'm a HUGE Justin Bieber fan. My sister and I are really into music and want to be singers, so he inspires us.

Anyway, he was shooting a music video here in Tennessee last night, and my sister and I went and saw him. It was so amazing! He was a couple yards away from us the whole time, and he waved at us! We wrote him a letter asking him to check out our youtube page and telling him we're singer/songwriters, and saying how much he inspires us and how we want to be recording artists someday. We tried to give it to his bodyguard, Kenny, but he didn't turn around when we were yelling his name. So we gave it to an extra from the video who said he'd talked to Justin and would probably be able to talk to him again, and he said he'd do his best to get the letter to him!

I got tons of pictures, but they told us to turn our flash off because they didn't want flashes to ruin the video, so they didn't turn out great. Here are some of the best ones I got:

Here's the set, it was a Christmas video, and they had a snow machine.

He signed a little girl's guitar!

There's Justin next to the guy with the glasses!

Smiling in the brown leather jacket. <3

His bodyguard, Kenny

I got a lot more pictures (190 to be exact) but I figured I'd just post a few.
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I know who he is, but I've never heard his music. I'm too old to go for the teen sensations.

Glad you had a good time, though!
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Awww, that's nice twilauren. Too bad they didn't choose a few of you for extras.
If that was on the square it musta been a traffic nightmare!

Good luck to you!
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Nope, sorry.
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I just found out who he is a few months ago. but I still don't really know where he came from, or why people love him. must be a teen thing
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Nope don't listen to him. I'm probably too old to anyway though lol

I'm pretty sure my daughter secretly does though. She won't admit it, but I've caught her listening to him before singing along with him.
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nope, no interest.

To be honest though I didn't even like the popular 'teen groups' when I was a teen
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The only thing I like about him is he made his dream for himself, instead of relying on something like American Idol to do it for him. Who would have thought a YouTube video could spark something like that LOL

My mom calls him "Justine"
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My mom calls him "Justine"

well yeah.....he really doesn't look very manly... O0
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No need to make fun.
The OP was excited about this.
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i'm not making fun....just stating an.....opinion, I guess. haha. besides.....his girly looks don't necessarily take away from his talent. =] which I can't comment on because I have no idea. and i'm completely happy the op got to see him so close. I would be like that over someone I cared about
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His body guard looks cool.
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That is a cool experience though, no matter who it was.

I will say, he's a pretty good singer. Just not the type of music I'm in to.
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Thanks so much guys! I still can't believe it happened. I don't think I'll ever get over it. XD

When I first heard about him, I thought he looked/sounded like a girl, too. When he looked like this:

But I didn't really give him a chance, which I regret, because maybe I could've had a chance to go to his concert! Hopefully he'll be on another tour soon though. And now he looks like this:

<3 I still can't believe we saw him in person!
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I won't deny he is a talented singer, but I really dislike his songs, still, sounds like you had a great time!
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He's only young, he'll age and look old and worn out soon enough lol. I do wish the lad would get a haircut though! As nice as it is to see a teenager look clean and neat, his floppy hair is annoying.
I don't really know his music, so I have no opinion, but that is great you got to see him Lauren!
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Thanks guys!

Everythingzen, he actually got his hair cut a while back. It's short now, and looks a lot better, IMO.
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But I didn't really give him a chance, which I regret, because maybe I could've had a chance to go to his concert! Hopefully he'll be on another tour soon though. And now he looks like this:
Not exactly a tour, but he'll be at the Grad Bash for area high schools at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida next year.

I went this year (with my graduating class) and we had Pit Bull and a few other rappers :/ Would have preferred JB.

The bad news to this is you have to go to one of the high schools that participate in it

Depending on what grade you're in, its not too late to transfer XD
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That's so cool Akari! Unfortunately I'm not in school anymore. But he should be coming to Tennessee for his Believe tour once the album comes out, so hopefully we'll see him then.

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