Anyone Know What This Is?

  1. Berridge

    Berridge New Member Member

    Noticed these white things on in a hole in one of my rocks and have been seeing a couple more in different places the more I look. Anyone have an idea what they are? It’s an 8 gallon nano reef tank with button polyps, green euphyllia, some hermit crabs, snails, an emerald crab, 2 peppermint shrimp. Thanks for the help

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  2. Tony M

    Tony M Valued Member Member

    Not sure which white things you’re looking at, but Nerite Snails, if that what you have, will lay white eggs about the size of sesame seeds all over your tank. They will only hatch in salt water though.
  3. coralbandit

    coralbandit Well Known Member Member

    Those are pineapple sponges .
    Harmless filter feeder that lives off nutrients in the system.
    A few are fine but too many is a sign of water quality issues IMO.
  4. OP

    Berridge New Member Member

  5. Tony M

    Tony M Valued Member Member

    Oh, I see what you’re looking at now. Thanks Coralbandit!