anyone know what he is? Question

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  1. turxxNew MemberMember

    i bought this fish from petco, i was sure to ask if all the fish i had chosen would live together ok
    i was mad when he killed everything i put in with him, if he cant eat it he just kills it
    ive grown quite fond of him, hes the only fish ive ever had who was worthy of a name, the name is appropriate for his temperament but not this forum ;)
    he is a fresh water fish
    he is an ambush hunter and spends most of his time in his skull, he also seems to like hanging out vertical in the plants
    he does not seem to have scales, smooth skin like a bullhead
    his pattern changes colors, sometimes almost black, sometimes a close to uniform tan
    hes about 9 inches long and was maybe 2.5 inches when i got him, ive had him about a year
    does anyone know what kind of fish he is?

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  2. CharlemagneValued MemberMember

    Hi Turxx, and welcome to Fish Lore! :) By and large, the people at pet shops do not know much about the fish they are selling. I wouldn't rely on their word too much. Woah! 9 inches long?!?!?!? How big of a tank is he in? He looks like he may be a type of dragon fish to me. He looks like some of the ones I've seen at stores, but I don't have any experience w/ them, so I'll let someone else tell you for sure what he is. Good luck with him!

  3. turxxNew MemberMember

    its a 30 gallon tank

  4. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    I agree with charlemagne, so many fish stores dont have a clue about the fish they spell... especially large chains.

    Im not sure if this is at all close but when I look at that the first thing it reminds me of is a sculpin.... a weird prehistoric lookin coldwater fish that trout feed on in several coldwater streams... The only reason I know about these guys is cause Ive been fishing even longer than Ive been keepin fish haha.... Idk if thats even close to what it is though, maybe just google "sculpin" and see if you can find any aquarium related fish

  5. lostsoulstavNew MemberMember

    I don't know what he is, but he's really cool! Hope someone here can tell you. Good luck.
  6. turxxNew MemberMember

    i did some searching, he does bear a lot of similarities to sculpin, but i dont know that that is what he is
    his head is more stream lined, he has protruding "nostrils" and appears over all more "beefy"
    it is also noticed that sculpins require cold water, my tank has no temp regulators and i was sure any fish i bought would not require it, he has thrived since i got him
    although i now boycott petco, i have since been in in search of my fish, they apparently no longer sell him, nor does petsmart, walmart or the mall pet shop, maybe because hes so anti-social
    i feed him freshwater shrimp, crappie minnows and fatheads from the bait shop and recently added a bullhead they had in their tank there as well
    the bullhead so far is regularly forced to give ground but has not been killed, this may also have something to do with me being sure they always have food
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  7. cm11599psWell Known MemberMember

    Is it a freshwater goby?
  8. turxxNew MemberMember

    looked over gobys, bears a resemblance to dusky panther goby
    i have done several searches for freshwater aquarium fish, yet to identify him
    one other thing i love about him is his grace in the water, he can rise and fall vertically with some sort of internal ballast, he swims forward and backwards with his large pectoral fins, rarely using his tail
    when he does use his tail he gets amazing bursts of speed
    looking at his pictures i see how much he has grown just the last couple months
    he has taken to moving his skull around with ease and occasionally buries himself in the rocks
    he is a very laid back sort of guy, not easily agitated, i often have to push him out of the way when cleaning and when ive netted him out to move the tank or clean and redesign it he didnt seem to care at all
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  9. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    haha that sounds like one unique fish.... does it have any teeth? must be fun to watch it chase down those baitfish. And by bullhead do you mean like a bullhead catfish? Ive never actually heard of those things being kept in an aquarium
  10. Gouramiguy17Well Known MemberMember

    Someone could of caught a "sculptin" from a stream then when it got aggressive they took it to petco. That's how petco gets weird fish
  11. turxxNew MemberMember

    no teeth, and not much of a chase to his feeding either, he just waits on opportunity for a meal
    the bullhead he gives chase anytime it goes too close to his skull or when hes on a round
    the baitfish never know what hit them, he just lets them swim all around him, crappie minnows like to roam, fatheads school in cover, it is funny to see several schooled up in the mouth of the skull peering out, death laying quietly behind them
    and yes, black bullhead catfish, though i dont think bullheads are technically catfish
    he was free and i dont really want to spend money on something he will kill, ive tried a few times to add fish to the tank, he kills everything from tank suckers to oscars to fiddler crabs
    fortunately if its too big to be eaten i can take the corpse in for my money back

    on a side note, i was told not to feed him too many gold fish as they arent healthy, which is why i started feeding him bait, is there any truth to that?
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  12. turxxNew MemberMember

    petco had several when i got him, they actually dropped mine on the floor and wanted to give me another, i said no, he was different then the others
    it wasnt till he was home a couple days i noticed he changed colors, and so maybe wasnt so different, just different at the time
    most of the fish i picked that day i looked at and hand picked from groups
    tanks are after all for looking at
  13. bass masterWell Known MemberMember

    my guess is that bait fish arent any healthier than feed goldfish, I actually lost a largemouth bass I had been keeping for a while to diseased goldfish... I know there are a lot of people who quarantine their feeders for a week or two before giving them to their prized fish, not a bad idea in my opinion. Id definitely consider bullheads to be catfish, Ive actually caught those out of local ponds haha. Just be warned that those guys can get pretty big

    Interesting that petco would keep a number of them... Im guessing he wasnt labeled?
  14. turxxNew MemberMember

    he was labeled, was a funny name, he wasnt actually one i had wanted, salesman said, "we just got these in, theyre pretty cool" after i had all i wanted
    he was supposed to eat the same shrimp pellets most of the others ate, instead he ate most of the others, lol, i just say he cost me 120$ and i feel better
    as for the baitfish, im sure they arent the cleanest, but in looking at a minnow next to a goldfish they appear to be a lot more muscle
    he does thrive on them
    i have been thinking about setting up a quarantine though
  15. Betta WhispererWell Known MemberMember

    Those side fins or flippers makes me think of a newt of some kind but I don't know if newts eat other fish. We used to catch them in the creek when I was a kid.
  16. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Could be a Marbled Sleeper Goby (Oxyeleotris Marmoratus). It looks right & the behaviour certainly fits. They are a pretty big fish (20"), if that's what it is.
  17. turxxNew MemberMember

    marbled sleeper goby! though i think maybe the petco guy used the other name or i would have remembered, i didnt really expect or plan for him to be the center piece of my tank
    cm11599ps called goby
    and nutter nailed it!
    thanks people
    and yeah, seems i do remember he was spossa get big, part of what drew me to him
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  18. turxxNew MemberMember

    is there any kind of fish i could put in with him he isnt just going to kill?
    is the secret to always have prey?
    would really be cool to have fish that did stuff besides lay around most of the time
    never tried to keep a predator tank befor
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2010
  19. Betta WhispererWell Known MemberMember

    Wonder if he would go after a large Oscar.
  20. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Given that the tank is really too small for a fish of that size, I don't think tankmates are really a wise option. I would actually recommend trying to find a more suitable sized tank or perhaps rehoming it to someone with a bigger tank & suitably large fish. If you are going to keep it temporarily then I would think it wise to make sure that it always has some sort of prey for it to spring up on when ever it gets the urge.

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