Anyone Know What Fish Can Withstand 32 Celcius All Day Long? Question

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  1. lohsoonNew MemberMember

    Anyone can suggest fishes that withstand 32 celcius?thanks
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    Paradise fish: Quote 'Paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) sport a gorgeous mixture of reds, blues, and pale yellow. They withstand a very wide rage of temperature from as low as 50F (10C) degrees up to being comfortable at 90F (32C) degrees, and live for up to eight years'.

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    Uhhhh are you sure? I thought Paradish fish were cool / moderate water fish.

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    That link says Temperature 74°F - 82°F (23°C - 28°C)
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    Hi DD, I've been looking at these for a while as I was thinking of adding some to my tank, I've read various articles & looked on different forums & there are many differences in temperature ranges quoted for these fish, the one I quoted above was from one such article. As they come from a very hot area of the world & live happily in shallow, slow moving water & bogs in the wild I would think they would be a species which would tolerate higher temperatures but maybe different for captive bred fish, I'll try & find a link to the page I took the quote from.

    Hi, yes that's a link to a Fishlore info page, not the site I took the original quote from, as I just said to @DoubleDutch I've found several differences in temperature range for these fish on different sites & in different articles although the one I quoted above was the highest I found.
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    Think this is quite a reliable link


    Paradish fish were almost the first "tropical" fish kept in the west cause there ability to live in pretty cool water (the time we didn't have heathers)

    Most sites give min and max temps.
    This means they can survive upto to those minimums and maximums but doesn't say anything about the required temp to thrive in.
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    Discus as long as you provide lots of extra oxygenation
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    Thank you to whichever Mod found that link for me I'd lost it & couldn't get back to it for love nor money.
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    Different sources will give different temperature ranges for any given species. Checking one source after another, looking for the one that quotes the highest possible upper limit on a temperature range, and then proclaiming that the fish will live "happily" at that extreme indefinitely simply isn't realistic.

    It's especially sad to see an aquarist pick two fish species that he/she wants to keep together. The typical quoted temperature range for one of those species is, for example, 20-25C; for the other species, it's 25-30C. This shouldn't be taken as an implication that these two fish types will do well when kept together. Each will be stressed by being forced to endure a temperature extreme that is barely survivable for them. That's not living "happily". Generally speaking, keeping a species at a temperature that is somewhere near the middle of their "range" is the best option.
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    There are rivers in Brazil (which join the amazon river) which reach to 32c maybe even higher, so fish from those rivers would be ok

    You need a good flow/turnover to keep water oxygenated at that temp
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    "May reach" or "remain consistently at"? Big difference.
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    Hi my tank is constantly at 30 to 32 celcius because i live in tropical country which in the day the temp goes up to 34 while at night 26 to 28 but my tank even at night same 30 to 32 celcius.Im currently have a 7 gallon tank with 1 betta and 2 albino corydoras.