Anyone know how much longer until she pops?

  1. Crystal Fish Initiate Member

    Pregnant Danio

    I recently looked at my pregnant danio, and noticed she was massive!
    I'm wondering if any of you know or can guess how much longer till she pops. :D
    P.S: I got a video to show her stomach. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. :p
    *Update: Well, I think she must have layed some eggs cause she is a wee bit smaller now. I hope some of them survive!
  2. Tony G. Fishlore VIP Member

    Danios are egg scatterers, meaning they release the eggs all over. Robin has bred her's in the past, so i will send her a pm about it :)
  3. Robin4 Member Member

    Hi Crystal Fish,

    WOW, she is huge.... Like Tony said, they scatter their eggs. With my Danios, I've never seen the eggs. Because of that, I don't know a time frame of when they are laid and when they hatch. :;dk

    When I notice the babies, they look like an eyelash with two big eyes!

    Please be aware that the adults will eat the babies. If you are able to, move the babies to another tank so they will feel safe and will grow. BTW, watching them grow is awesome!! :;fr

    Good luck and keep us posted! (pictures preferred!!!) :)

  4. Crystal Fish Initiate Member

    I'm curious, I have seen people keep there fry in different containers. Don't you need to heat the fry tank too?
  5. Robin4 Member Member

    I did have a heater in my fry tank. This was in the beginning. As soon as they got bigger (and looked more like a danio), I took it out. You need a thermometer reading sticker thingy on the side of your tank so you will know the temp of the water. I believe I kept mine at about 76 degrees F.

    Right now, I have some fry in my 20 gal tank and the water in there is 76 degrees F.

  6. Crystal Fish Initiate Member

    Well, I have my 30 gallon but I need to clean it (my next project). I do have another female that is pregnant, but how am I supposed to know which male is her mate? Or does it matter which one fertilizes the eggs?
  7. Robin4 Member Member

    I don't think it matters who the dad is. With my fish I had no clue. They all just hang out together (they don't pair off that I've noticed). When I did a water change, I'd get the babies that way by scooping them out of the water to be disposed. Then I'd move them to the other tank.

    I'll have to send you a picture of them as they were growing up. The picture is on my computer at home (I'm at work now). I'm so excited for you!! Watching those fry grow is just amazing - even more so that I was keeping them alive (ha). I'd never been a "grandma" before!!

  8. Crystal Fish Initiate Member

    Eggs no more!

    *** I was doing a partial water change today, and was looking in the bucket for eggs, and to my surprise, there were tiny fry!!! Smaller than eyelashes!! :eek:
    I was doubting that any would survive the massacre by my other fish. But 8 lucky little fellows did, and now they are safe in a floating container in my tank (surrounded by plants).
    ;D I'm so happy! :;rocker

    That's good to know, because I have no clue either. I think I only have 1 or 2 males, and the rest are females. Which makes it easier.

    I need to clean my gravel but I don't want to suck up any eggs, could I put them in a different container once I sucked them into the bucket? My 30 gallon isn't ready for fish.
  9. Robin4 Member Member

    Hi Crystal Fish,

    Dang! I tried to attach a picture of my long finned danio fry at about 3 months old but the screen just went white instead of downloading... :(

    I don't have experience with the eggs and removing them from the main tank. How awesome that you have found babies!!!!!!! Isn't it exciting?! I moved the fry to a breeder net in the beginning but after there got to be so many of them (48), I moved them to another tank. In the end, only 8 survived. I don't know what happened to the others. Only the fry and a few snails were in that tank.... Oh, and in the tank where the fry will be - use a sponge filter. That way they won't be sucked into the intake tube :)

  10. Crystal Fish Initiate Member

    Awe, stupid technology. =P

    I was so excited when I found them! I have had experience with guppy fry, but being as inexperienced as I was, all of them died due to the filter.. ):
    Once I get my hands on a smaller grow out tank, I will make sure that I have a sponge filter. I want them to live!! Thank you Robin for all your helpful advice!

    P.s - I posted another thread to keep people posted on the progress of the fry, if you want to check it out. :D
  11. Robin4 Member Member

    ""P.s - I posted another thread to keep people posted on the progress of the fry, if you want to check it out.""

    I've already checked it out!!! :)