Anyone Keeping Multiple Porcupine Puffers In Large Tank Successfully?

I have 3 puffers. 2 are porc. One is in a 150 gallon and I just got a 187g for the other. Has anyone successfully housed same species puffers in a large set up? I've read it's not advised and understand each fish comes with it's own variables. I'm looking to get feedback from other puffer lovers who may have had sucess outside of the norm. Ty
I keep 2 orange saddlebacks together in a 40b now, just upgraded from a 30 bow, they get along with no issues thus far. I actually just added 2 green chromids to the tank and there was no aggression to them either.
Mated pairs are the exception to the rule. Porcupine puffers can be aggressive (especially with eachother) so the odds are not in your favor.

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