Anyone Keep Electrogenic Fish?

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    Adz Valued Member Member

    Now, for something completly different,

    Does anyone on here have any "Electrogenic" Fish? or even a fresh water stingray?

    some electro fish are Black Ghost Knife fish and the Clown Knife fish.

    apparently the Black Ghost Knife fish produces electricity wich stuns its prey or gaurds there terittory.

    please do tell... :)
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    onelovie Valued Member Member

    I have an Elephant Nose fish. I think they are fairly uncommon. I first saw them at a pet store and fell in love with them right away, they are so unique! They use electrical currents to search for food and apparently to communicate with each other as well as to find their way in murky waters. When I first got mine, (I named him Snuffy) he used to spend almost all of his time inside the cavelike thing in the tank but now, he's out probably 75% or more of the time! I am going to try to put a picture of Snuffy on the "pics" page along with a picture of my 55 gallon tank.
  3. OP

    Adz Valued Member Member

    Let me know when you get your pic up of the elephant nose fish on here. i would love to see it and learn about it :)

    happy fishin' ;)
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    onelovie Valued Member Member

    I posted a pic last can find it under the Fish Pics category! :)
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    fletch Valued Member Member

    you can get freshwater stingray but I saw a baby one the other day for £60, so dont expect to get them cheap. I cant remember where youre all from so you can do the conversion
  6. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    I saw some elephant noses at a specialty fish store...they were pretty cool!
  7. o

    onelovie Valued Member Member

    They are pretty cool just because they are so different than any other fish in my tank! It is so much fun to watch him search around in the rocks for food with his little "trunk". :) This weekend at a pet store I saw some tiny little brown ghost fish. They are so cool looking, too!