Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake? | Page 11

  1. Ohio Mark Member Member

    Lots of pies is right. And I think I must live in one of the pie-baking capitals of America. If someone starts a thread for the WORST pie, I'd like to nominate "Prince of Wales" Pie. It's so sweet I feel like brushing my teeth after every bite. Shudder....
  2. scarface Well Known Member Member

    I love apple pie. The others tend to be too sweet for me. I used to go to this diner during lunch just to get some hot apple pie and some vanilla ice cream. Oh and a hot cup of coffee and a couple smokes while I wait. This was when I lived in AK. Probbly the only state where you walk into a restaurant and they ask you for smoking or non smoking.

  3. Lchi87 Well Known Member Member

    Had citrus marinated roasted pork shoulder and roasted Brussel sprouts for dinner tonight. Officially on couch lock till the end of the evening, so full lol.

  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Looks yummy! I have to say that I tried your roast chicken recipe last week and it was a hit with the fam!! Thanks!

    I have no special recipes to share, sadly. And truthfully, I don't like to cook but the chicken was super easy and good too! So for now, just lurking on here for some good dinner ideas. lol

  5. Lchi87 Well Known Member Member

    Woohoo! I'm glad your family liked the chicken! I have a ton of easy dinner recipes stowed away, so I'll post another recipe soon.