anyone heard of whitetail black shark?

Discussion in 'Red Tail Shark' started by AdkRaptor, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. AdkRaptor

    AdkRaptor New Member Member


    bought some rail tail sharks, guy included one "Whitetail Black Shark"
    have you ever heard of one? the only pic i could find was a auction on aquabid

  2. cwb141

    cwb141 Valued Member Member

    As you probably noticed, the white shark looks exactly like the rts other than coloring. From what I understand a "Whitetail Black Shark" is simply an rts with pigment deficiency in it's fins. Like an albino rts, but opposite. Probably bred by selecting pinker fins to eventually white, or breeding fish that lack the fin pigment. I had some white rainbow sharks a month ago but now have a single normal rbs.

    Is this what you have?
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  3. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning. I agree with CWB. Seems I read something along those lines a long time ago. Sorry, I don't have any written information to show you.
  4. Red1313

    Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member

    Another thing to note (you're link won't load) is that stress can cause RTS to lose pigment in their tail. Check out the RTS tank at the local fish stores, most of them have a washed out tail b/c they're not the dominant fish in the tank and are trying to hide.
    This guy however looks it's a mutation, possibly deliberate.
  5. OP

    AdkRaptor New Member Member

    yes cwb looks like that picture, kinda glad i got it, not something i see everyday thats for sure

    really red "This guy however looks it's a mutation, possibly deliberate." when i get him in my tank ill get alittle video together
  6. g

    gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    Hi adk, just out of curiosity, which of your 3 tanks is the new shark going in.
  7. lyndra

    lyndra Valued Member Member

    Our RTS's tail when white when we introduced a couple of new fish - within a day or two he was fine again and has now plumped up and almost doubled in size - stress can cause them to go funny like that
  8. crazedACD

    crazedACD Valued Member Member

    I have a few at my shop, I was told they are just a color mutation. They seem pretty hardy.

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