Anyone have tips for breeding bn plecos


Hey guys, me and some friends are starting a breeding project and are selling to our lfs. We're looking into breeding a few different fish but one of them (which we're less expirenced with, although ive kept them ive never bred them) is the Blue eye lemon longfin bn pleco. Does anyone have any tips for breeding these guys and anything in particular that I should know.


I know you need some caves for them to spawn in. After that, its a matter of getting the eggs/fry to a seperate grow-out tank but i don't know the timing of all that.


DarkOne breeds Plecos he may have some tips.
I have a pair (hopefully) of L183 Starlights. Fingers-crossed they will breed.
Good Luck!


In my case it was just a matter of putting a male and a female together in the same tank. The male will tend to the eggs so you can leave him with them or you can remove both parents and use the bubbles from a very gently running airstone to fan the eggs.

Pleco caves are great but when they are ready they will lay their eggs in any convenient place with some kind of cover. The work really starts once the eggs are hatched and you have a hundred or more pleco fry to take care of.

Elbert, that handsome fellow over there in my avatar and his lady friend Evelyn gave me 85 fry. Little Red and Evelyn (both little bitty super reds) gave me well over 200 in 2 spawns. The second spawn happened so quickly I wasn't expecting it. If you keep a male and female together you can expect another spawn each month. You can quickly get more than you can handle or find homes for.


There's really not much you need to do to breed BN plecos. They're like rabbits. They need a tight cave and very clean water. Water movement helps but not necessary. I use watering spikes from Amazon for caves. I move the fry into a breeder box to raise. They need wood to rasp on. Feed them before they use up their yolk sac.

Any specific questions?

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