Anyone Have Issues?

  1. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I am curious if anyone has a disability, mental or physical that interferes with your fish keeping?
  2. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    I'm sure it wasn't your intention but I think some may find the title of your post a little offensive.

  3. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I call it issues. I have a long history of mental health issue. I spent months with an injured foot. I personally call it issues because it interferes with our ability to live life. I am sorry if you dislike my personal vernacular. I personally think of mental and physical disabilities as issues. One of my best friends is constantly trying to starve herself to death. My other best friend cuts herself and has frequent panic attacks. Sorry if I come off as rude.
  4. Feesh404 Well Known Member Member

    I have Noodle Arms, bucket water changes usually go as planned :(

  5. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    My only issue is theres not enough hrs in the day to do everything i need to do and have time to enjoy my tank.

    As for calling something what ever you like you can call an apple an orange but its still an apple.
  6. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Me too.
  7. pixelhoot Member Member

    I had scoliosis surgery a while back and can't lift anything over 30 lbs. Siphons and gallon jugs are my friends, but I have to have help moving larger tanks around.

  8. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Hope you do better. I had a cousin with scoliosis and she had a back brace. I had very minor case growing up. Really hope you can recover.
  9. pixelhoot Member Member

    Oh yeah haha I've been better for a while! :> It was a one time surgery back in 2012 and once everything healed, I haven't had any pain. It's just that the hardware can come undone if I do any intense sports or try to lift something too heavy, so I stay away from that kind of stuff! My family loves fish, though, and none of them refuse helping me with my own tank if there is something that absolutely needs moving.
  10. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member


    Just thought I'd brighten up the post a little.

  11. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    I've been lucky so far, on a personal level.

    I have had friends who used tanks to deal with anxiety or stress issues. I have a friend who is a lawyer, and who was told to get a tank by his doctor after he had a brain aneurism at 38. He found working on his tanks very therapeutic.

    I know another person who uses his tanks as an indicator for his depression - when he finds himself losing interest or avoiding maintenance, he knows he is sliding down. He uses his love of aquariums as a gauge of his mental state.

    They aren't things that interfere with fishkeeping, but they are situations where fishkeeping helps people fighting battles. There are lots of battles being fought.
  12. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    That's amazing , fish keeping to me brings happiness and removes stress. I love sitting in my fish room and just watching all my fish , I also love the sound coming from all my air pumps , canister filters and HOB , brings me to peace.
  13. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    I can relate to your last friend. Glad you personally are doing well.
  14. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    This hobby helps me with depression and anxiety.
  15. BettaPonic Well Known Member Member

    Glad to hear that.
  16. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    It doesn't bother me, it's just a sensitive topic to a lot of people is all.

    To answer the question, I have anxiety but it doesn't affect my fishkeeping, or at least not any more than it affects every other aspect of my life.

    The state of exhaustion I live in due to working full time and raising two small boys affects my fishkeeping more, lol. That makes me do all kinds of stupid things though. I went to work today missing an undergarment. True story.