Anyone have experience with Cat Scrapers?

  1. thumos

    thumos Valued Member Member

    I typically hope my clown pleco is eating them.

    But now that I have 6 albino cordys, a mystery snail and the shrimp in there as well, I'm not sure if he's eating enough as he isn't active during the day, or ever for all I know.

    Yesterday I put in 1 and a half, and managed to drop the half right into his log so maybe he got it, but a shrimp was in there with him so who knows.

    I also tried sweet potato, broccoli stems, regular potato and zucchini.
    How much is he supposed to eat?

    I really would not like another dead pleco.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd not heard of that food so had to look them up.
    They're a hard wafer for plecs to graze on so unless they soften quickly I doubt the corys are eating them as they're not grazers, is there wood in the tank for the plec?
    I'd carry on offering him the veg & wafers as even though you may not see him on them he may be eating at night when it's quiet, & if you spot him just check his belly is rounded & not sunken.
    I'd also suggest getting some different more meaty catfish wafers/pellets for the corys as they get little to no nutrition from veg or veg based foods.
  3. OP

    thumos Valued Member Member

    Ironically enough, the cories love that cat scraper stuff. 3 of them were on it last night.
    They also got blood worms yesterday.

    Could you please advise me on feeding the fish?
    I feed them every other day so I don't increase ammonia (0.25ppm and yes, I over feed, trying to stop but they seem so hungry always).
    Do I need to feed them every day?

    I would rather not have to keep doing 50% water changes every week.

    I got the cories and shrimp and snails to make life easier for my tetras, angels and the invisible pleco but now they just compete for food...sigh.