Anyone have any idea what this large white bump is?


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Hey guys - I was cleaning my tank today and saw that one of my tiger barbs has a large white bump on his nose. He doesn't appear to have any other unusual spots and his activity levels remain high. None of my other fish (tiger barbs, yoyo loaches, pleco, danios) appear to have any white spots of their own and their behavior also seems normal.

I've been scouring the internet trying to figure out what this is and I'm coming up blank. Anyone have any ideas? The most likely culprit that I've found so far might be fungus on a wound.

I have 7 tiger barbs total (mix of regular, green/GLO, & albino); they are definitely less nippy when I only had 2. The last time I added fish to the tank was about a month ago.




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I agree, it looks like fungus attached to dead or damaged tissue. Probably a minor abrasion. Clean water & time should heal it up.

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