anyone have a bichir?


Just got my new 55 gallon ;D Still setting up. Got a canister filter. Gonna cycle with guppies, then stock with african cichilds (assorted). I saw this peach/pink looking bichir at the pet shop that I loved. Thinking about putting him in too once tank is cycled. The guy at the pet shop said it sounded ok if the tank has cover spots.

Anyone have any bichir compatibility advice? Or any other general advice?



cycle your tank fishless it will save the guppies from death


Never had one, but I can point you in the direction of some info.

In all honesty, it's not the best to cycle a tank with fish - they have a fairly high risk of death and it's outright stressfull.

If you're going to cycle it with fish, at least kick-start the cycle with something that has the beneficial bacteria on it. That will help the cycle occur much more quickly.
You could, for example, take gravel from an established tank, put it in stockings/fine mesh bag, then leave it in the tank for a few days.
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Oh my! I thought a tank needed to be cycled with some kind of fish in there. That there needs to be something in the tank producing waste to start the cycle process. ???

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