anyone has or has had hyphessobrycon takasei (coffee bean tetra)?

  1. weiji

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    wonder if anyone here has or has had hyphessobrycon takasei (coffee bean tetra) in tank before? would just like to get to know if the fish shows any aggressive behavior towards other kinds in the tank?have heard from someone saying that it is a bit aggressive but not sure if it is true or it just behaves that way towards its own kind. since i would like to possibly get 3 of the fish, therefore i would rather be able to get some insights about the fish first before i purchase any. also how big can the fish reach? i mean i have read on the internet that the fish could reach 4cm or 3cm. wonder if the fish could actually reach a bigger size than that?

    thanks for any insights about the fish! :D
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    Bumping this up for you
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    thanks! that is so nice of you! :D