Anyone has neon tetras and tiger barbs together?

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I recently got neon tetras (10 of them) and introduced them in my tank. The tiger barbs would not leave them alone and one of them died right the next day so I took the rest of them out (9 of them) and brought them back to the fish store. I had heard that it would be fine for me to put them together but I'm not sure if I bring them back they'll be fine???


Also, when I first put the the tiger barbs in my tank they were going after my rasboras and long fin rosy barbs for a few days but now they are all getting along. Could it be because the tiger barbs were not used to having them around and now they are? and if that's the case could I try bringin back some neons?
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Tiger Barbs can be a bit aggressive.
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tiger barbs are TOTAL fin nippers...and the don't stop! ...they say 6 or more are more calm, but still for their size they are pretty aggressive...
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so I should not bring more neon tetras in the tank????
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I Did

I had those togather for a long time, I did not see any problem. I had 5 and 5 of them.
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I once had them together too and that's why I decided to put them together once again. But this time it didn't work.
Maybe I'll try once again and we'll see.
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I'm just sayin its the norm, not the rule of thumb...I had a few tigers, great lookin fish btw, and they nipped and nipped at anything that moved..including floating plants ) but, I'm down to one now and he acts like a pictus catfish hes with and I think hes way I'm on the fence cause he can't be returned and I'm stocked to the max in the tank hes in...goodluck either way
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I have 5 very aggressive Tiger Barbs. They wiped out 4 of 5 glowlight tetras in 24 hrs. They seems to be getting along with the remaining 1 glowlight, and 2 neons. But I'm not gong to put any more with them.

I have an Octo that seems to be ok. Can anyone suggest what I can put with these aggressive guys?
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I have 2 tetras ( Cotton and Candy) and 1 green tiger barb (Stanley) they actually get along great no fighting or biting like some sites say they will.....
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I have 2 black skirt tetras and 5 neons together . I had the neons in the tank before the tetras . the tetras nip each others fins but no nipping of the neons fins at all.
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I have both species together in the same tank. When I first introduced them to the tank the barbs chased them for less than five minutes, then after that they've been fine together. My barbs are aggresive towards each other and not the other fish.
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2 Questions:

1. How many Tiger Barbs?

2. How big is your tank?

You should have at least 6 Tiger Barbs, that way they spend more time picking on eachother than on their tank mates. Since an adult Tiger Barb can get to be 3" long, this means that you'd probably want them in nothing much smaller than a 20 Long. They like to swim a lot, so longer tanks are better than taller tanks.

I have kept Tiger Barbs and Neons together in the past without much difficulty. It's all a matter of having the right conditions: Enough Tiger Barbs in an adequately sized tank.

FWIW: I think Tiger Barbs are some of the most entertaining fish you can keep. Neons, not so much (although they are pretty). With all of the color variations available, you could have yourself a beautiful tank with nothing but Tiger Barbs.
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HI I'm new to the site as well as to tiger barbs. I have 3 green tigers with a red tail shark in a 30g. In my 20g, I have guppies and a common pleco. Will I be able to put them in the tank with the tigers? They have hiding places in the tank as well as plants. From what I've read, I'll need to buy more tigers as well.
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Lots of barbs

We have 10 tiger barbs, 8 neon tetras, 3 guppies and one awesome snail.
My tiger barbs a a bunch of stink pots. The go after the other fish but don't really nip. They are coool to watch.
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The tiger barbs will eventually kill the guppys and neons, just from experience, it usually doesn't work out too well
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I just got 3 tetras today and put them in with my tiger barbs but my tetras are bigger and the tiger barbs are some what running from them....its weird....should I not have done that?
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I had some neons with my tiger barbs, I skipped a feeding when I was still trying to get my tank to cycle,
and I ended up with less neons, but the two that are left actually swim with the barbs, only time the male tiger gets aggressive is if the neons try to go for "his" food
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I just got 3 tetras today and put them in with my tiger barbs but my tetras are bigger and the tiger barbs are some what running from them....its weird....should I not have done that?

What kind of tetras were they Because I know tiger barbs would not be afraid of neons lol!
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to be honest I have no idea other then a black finned tetra then the other two one is pink on top and fades to with and the other is blue and fades
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Hmm... the first one sounds like one of the larger tetras and not a neon, I'm a little confused by your description of the other two

If they have a red line with a blue line under it, then they are probably neon tetras... if they look like the black finned tetra that you mentioned but with just different color shades, then they are probably one of the larger tetras as well.
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they are white skirts I think lol I had to google them....they are actually very beautiful....

the second picture with the pink and blue ones are exactly what they look like
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Your tetras shouldve been fine with the TBs as long as they are not the fancy finned ones, and they are fast moving. Bleeding heart tetras work. Giant Danios work. So other fast tetras should too??? Your TBs probably fin nipped and chased them when you first put them in because they were the new kids on the block, so that's just the TBs letting them know whos house it is. I say you shouldve given it a few more days, if a few die that's fine they were too slow, but the hardiest ones should make it. And if you don't want the weaker ones to get raped you can pull them out and QT them till they grow up a bit.
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my tetras are actually bigger then my TBs and I got them bigger for a reason so that the TBs wouldnt mess with them too much....and surprisingly the TBs go do their own thing and the tetras do theirs when it comes to feeding though they don't seem to have a problem feeding together. My white skirts even swim with my TBs, for some reason thought my black one just hangs by its that normal?
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