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  1. Reefdweller

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    This site is where dreams come true for Aquarist. You can custom any size tank you want down to the finest detail. I am pushing the button to finish remodeling my bonus room. It has been painted, new outlets, switch plates and switches. We are picking out carpet tomorrow and get that installed so other than installing a couple new ceiling fans and some track lighting I may add it will be finished. We are buying all new furniture for it and I am looking real hard at a 300 gallon long tank which will be 96 feet by 24 feet and will be a real beaut to the room. I was surprised that with all of my custom add ons tank, hinge hoods, stand, canopy, special glass for the front only (saphire I think it is called) also a extra door on the side of the cabinet to allow more access to the sump. 96 x 24 x 31. All of this for $2100. To may that is a steal. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this company whom seem to be based in the same state as myself which is Tennessee. I could possibly pick up the tank myself to save that hefty shipping add on.

    Anyone have any info to share on this company??

    PS. The one thing I have not done is umm tell the wife about this idea so yeah... I am not so sure how that will go over but you know....
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    Hi, Reefdweller -

    As you can tell, I'm from Tennessee as well. I bought my 100 Gallon Fish Tank from them and they are very professional to deal with. The quality of the tank was top notch. And, I do like the fact that you can custom make any size that you want.

    As far as prices, I wouldn't say it's a steal, but somewhat cheaper than most places. I did go and pick mine up even though I was 2.5 hours away, it was worth saving the $120.00 charge for halfway delivering it.

    Overall, a decent company. Quality wise - I'd give them 5 stars. Other areas - 4 stars.

    Hope that helps. :)

  3. OP

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    Hey very cool - Can I ask where you are in Tennessee? I am not sure how far away Dickson is from me without looking them up on mapquest or something. I thought thier pricing seemed pretty intact for the 300 I was looking at but hey if you know of any other good sources for the larger size tanks I am all about checking them out.

  4. AlexAlex

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    I don't list my personal location for a reason. Sorry. I'm just a bit cautious on those kind of things, if that makes sense.

    As far as any other sources on extremely large tanks, you probably won't find much these days. It's very hard to find anything above 75-100 Gallons readily and easily, IMO (as far as new). I have a local shop (not far from me) that can order up to 280 Gallons, though.

    And you're welcome. :)
  5. OP

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    I understand being private about certain things. I looked into it and they are about 5 hours from me which is basically a day trip down and back to pick up the tank. I am for sure thinking on it. I think my order with all the bells and whistle addons I want on the custom to being $2700. I am not even sure I can get that nearly 10 foot tank up stairs in my house to get it to where its going in the bonus room.
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    Don't forget to mention it to your wife, before you go on that day-trip.
    Or she might drive after you with a rifle :)
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    If it's going upstairs, make sure the floor can support the weight of your tank. The wife may not be the only thing to worry about. lol

  8. OP

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    ugh... yes you are so right.... I was good to her for Christmas so maybe that should count for something eh? :;nw

    I should be fine on that - its a solid built house and the bonus room us over the garage so I can see underneath, beams and good support structure. Sure would be tough to have one fall through the floor though....
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  9. ryanr

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    Though I come from a land down-under, my thoughts:
    It sounds like the place is reputable and produces quality tanks.
    For your own piece of mind, take a day trip to visit their shop (if they allow it), and if you're happy with their work (seals, beveled edges, silicone work, bracing etc), then place the order.
    My 2c, irrespective of the delivery cost, get them to deliver it to you, and cart it upstairs if they offer the service. It will be insured, meaning, if they break, they replace it.
    And if you're confident upstairs will take they weight, go for it.... but I would seek an engineering approval first (civil engineer is all you need)

    Oh, and we want photos of this behemoth ;)
  10. OP

    ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Sounds like a plan to me. I will get the photos cranking once I get to that point I promise. :;f