Anyone Else Have One Fish In Your Tank That You Classify As The 'Big Chungus' Fish?

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Another name for this would be - The Chonk or Big Chungus (if you feel extra: C H O N K) - basically the first one to rush the food source and is clearly leagues ahead of any other fish when it comes to growing in diameter instead of length? This is one of my Figure 8 Puffers, whom I plan to name 'Chonk' because he is was the first to warm up to me and always the first (and eats the most) of the food I put in the tank. He's just a lil' guy currently, maybe 2", but hes takin' full advantage of that 'growing boy' attitude.


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Looks like a chonk in progress lol!! I have a larger Harlequin rasbora who likes to shove full shrimp pellets in his mouth and swim around with his mouth open, clearly uncomofrtable, for hours. He spits it out and promptly eats in again. No idea why, I think he might be a particularly special fish
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