Anyone else have horses?!

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Fun, I get the first thread in this section! I'm leasing a horse right now from the stable I help out at (and I counsel at some of their ranch camps in the summer). His name is Cocoa and he's a crazy little Morgan/Welsh cross, dark chestnut (or possibly super super faded black) with a cute little star. Anyone else have a horse?
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Hey, we need pics!
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Well here's the best pic I could find of him for now, with me oh so crazily riding him bareback (and my friend and the horse she leases in the background). All my good pics of him are on my phone.
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Eh the picture didn't work =o. Wonder why?
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Grrr my computer is being stupid, hold on......
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this is my aqh mare, Bert's Crystal Lena the first is her, and the second pic is her massive foundation bred ghetto booty!!!LOL
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HI after me asking Mike to add a horse link my Honey ( betta) died, Dad went into hospital and life went nuts!! ...but THANKS AGAIN MIKE!!

I have a 7 year old Welsh cob, section D called Rosie. Dwyfach Rhosyn is her registered/ papered /posh name.

She is scruffy, intelligent and naughty!! A true Welsh pony!! 14'2 bay. ALWAYS upto mischief!!

I bought her when she was 3/rising 4 and had been backed one week before I got her.

She is my baby, she destroys her feed buckets, lives for food and licks me to death!! She has a rubber nose i'm sure.

She is a lazy ride that will throw a good buck in during canter when happy. I ADORE her and I intend for her to be mine for LIFE!!

I will post pics soon, i'm decorating at the moment and my memory sticks with pics are out of reach.

Omor I knew you liked horses when I asked Mike for this addition, thought Horses and fish chat....yeay!!! we'd both have a good natter!!
Tell me more about your loan horse and what you do!! I am a very LAZY rider, I find once you own a horse and can ride when you want you can get lazy and think oh I'll groom and cuddle today,ride tomorrow!! Michelle

sweet pics molly!! her face looks like she is saying' I love you BUT WHAT NOW!!!!!????'
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Pretty mare Mollygurl. Do you have any pics of your horse Tazmiche? Sorry I haven't posted pics yet, I'm still trying to figure out our new computer.

My horse is probably the craziest horse at the stable, which is why I ride him. ;D (I get all the crazy horses) He's a gelding but acts like a little stud, once during a camp there was a mare in heat and he was trying to mount her in front of all the little was pretty bad. But yeah, pretty much he unties himself, he spooks, he bites if you're not paying attention, he bolts, he bucks on occasion, he panics if he's not with other horses, etc etc etc But I love him, he's really a sweet horse once you get to know him. He's getting better too, he's not spooking as much as he used to when I started riding him. He's just way too smart for his own good and has way too much energy.
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Haha, he sounds like rosie, she spooks for England, if it were an Olympic sport she'd get a gold for sure!! And with her being a zippy pony (when it suits her!!) you will be facing one way........then....:;ghost and you are heading another way!

What is his name?

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Rosie is so cute!

His name is Cocoa, now how'd I forget that??

Yeah I know exactly what you mean, you're going one direction and then--poof you're facing the other way. Unless I'm riding him bareback, then if it happens I'll be facing the dirt. Although I actually haven't fallen off him too many times, I guess you get used to the spooking after a while.
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I used to want horses really bad. Clydesdale and Arabian are my favorite. And I think something like Tennessee ?(Walking, trail, somin like that) Horse. They are like black and white. I dunno....
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I have a friend with an arabian, a grey, such a stunning horse but skittish.

I also rode an arabian once, was told not to apply too much leg but me being me I did to see what would happen!!! 0 to 60 in 2 seconds!! What a buzz!!
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Yeah I've ridden Arabs. I was one of the first people to ride a new, young arab...took 2 of us to get the saddle on and he spooked at EVERYTHING, even more than Cocoa spooks. I'd take him over a tiny jump and he'd clip it with his back foot and spook at the sound. I also got to ride him in the indoor arena once during the winter when it was a bit warm and huge chunks of ice were sliding off the roof. And if you've ever ridden in an indoor you know sounds in there can be pretty loud. You guessed it, one fell just as we were walking past...bolted. Next time he refused to even be tied at that side of the arena.
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I always think....'ARE WE MAD' to ride these beasts!!!
BettaBuddy ~ Miley
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Those are such pretty horses!!! I love horseback riding! Ive only gone twice but I wanna go more & more! Heres some pics of me when I was 12 riding star....

(dont even ask about that helmet... she didnt have any helmets so I had to wear my bike helmet *rolleyes* lol but its better than having no helmet...)

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I was out at the ranch today and got pics of Cocoa!
1. Cocoa (you can see my little brother in the background...he wanted to come see my horsey ;D)
2. Cocoa yawning
3. classic eye shot
4. isn't he cute (till he starts throwing a hissy-fit at being tied up along in the arena :rolleyes

No his mane isn't cut off, there's just short strands sticking up...the rest of it's on his near side.
And no I didn't pick the color of his halter. (yuck...I should go buy a blue one)

Had a pretty good time out there. I'm still working with him to get him used to being alone, so just longed him and brushed him & gave him treats.

I'm working on getting him to be ok being alone in the arena, and working on obedience...he's a bit full of himself at times & doesn't listen to me. He was actually doing really good longing...I was actually able to drop the whip part way through. Which is great considering last time I couldn't even get him going without someone to lead him around to get him started.

I realized my problem longing him was that I was trying to make him walk beside me, and then back up as he gets going in a circle. Works with most horses, but Cocoa naturally resists the pressure and doesn't like me trying to force him to walk beside me. He's just way to smart...he knows when I'm gonna longe him so he turns in to face me and won't let me get behind him. When I try to get next to his shoulder and lead him into the circle he just resists and balks when he feels me pulling on the lead, but I realized if I just let him go I can back him into a corner and snap the whip on one side of him, so he has to run the other way. Works a lot better for him, though I wouldn't do that to any other horse.

I'd run him till he lowered his head and then tell him to whoa, and he'd walk up to me & follow me around with no guidance from the rope. Pretty guys ever seen join-up demos? I was doing pretty much the same thing, just with a longe line since it's too big of an arena.

I tried to lead him over to the tie but he balked and wouldn't let me tie him (he hates standing, super impatient horse), so I made him run again till he lowered his head & started chewing (sign of submission), and he followed me right up to the tie and stood...well not perfectly, but a lot better than usual. Basically made it into his choice rather than trying to drag him up to the rope...either you follow me over and get tied up here, or you run. Obviously he chose to follow me. He tried to start pawing once but I told him 'quit' and he stopped immediately and didn't try it again (whereas usually he keeps trying to do we're definitely making progress).

Ok end of novel. ;D I just love working with horses.

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