Anyone Else Get Itchy Hands After Handling Bloodworms?


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This may sound weird, but my hands always get itchy after I handle bloodworms.

I feed my frogs frozen/defrosted bloodworms every other day, and I tweezer feed them, which means my hand comes in contact with the blood worms and the water they are defrosting in. After/during the feeding, my fingers don't swell up or have a rash/bumps, but gets really itchy and turns red, and keeps itching for an hour or so. After, the skin becomes slightly cracked and pruney-like on my fingers (usually the indexes and middle, cause they usually touch the water the most). This started maybe 2-3 months back, but I've had my frogs and fed them bloodworms for 6 months now.

This never happens when I change water and/or move decor around/come in contact with just the aquarium water.

Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me developing this weird allergy/symptom? :(:eek:


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It’s apparently not uncommon. Probably a good idea to wear gloves or find an alternative food for the froggies.

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