Anyone bought plants at


If anyone has, I would like to know if they're healthy and snail free, and also what shipping costs. I've ordered both my sponge filters there and good prices and service, but I'm always a little hesitant ordering live things online.

Where else do you guys buy your plants online? Unfortunately I don't have any stores that sell healthy plants, so I have to order online.


They have nice enough plants and I only found one snail but whether this is due to the fact that the plants are in with my Loaches or not I do not know.

I actually get most of my plants off of one of my favorite stores on eBay. It is under mikeswetpets. His plants are healthy and beautiful and he does not charge that much. If you buy more than one plant he cuts the shipping costs too. I always wait until I have a few to order and he sends free fertilizer tabs too. I have also had some plants donated to me lately too.

The shipping costs for the plants is $11.99 for FedEx Two Day shipping and they do put heat packs in the package. They will also refuse to send it during extreme weather conditions. They are shipped from Lancaster, NY. (same place as the eBay store I mentioned above)

Hope this helped.



I ordered my plants from there.
The cabomba, moss ball, and compacta sword came in pretty good condition. Actually the cabomba was a bit messy at first, but now that it's been in the tank for a while, it's growing VERY well.
But the dwarf sag isn't doing so well.. and you don't get alot. The java ferns are also very scraggly.. but hoping they'll get better once they get their water leaves.

I wrote to them about the condition of their plants right after I received them and promptly got back a reply saying that they would refund money if I so choose (which I haven't).. so customer service is really good.

It's a decent place, but don't expect spectacular plants.

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