Anybody Have Tattoos?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jenmur, Apr 16, 2019 at 8:48 PM.

  1. jenmurFishlore VIPMember

    Hey all! Gonna be getting a tattoo as soon as I can save up the money for one. Been thinking about it for years and almost a week ago my brain decided on betta fish. Color. Apparently it can be done, and with detail.
    So, I’d like to see pictures if possible, tell me what it was like. Pain, after care, etc.
  2. CrispiiValued MemberMember

    Never had tattoos and never will. xD

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  6. BReefer97Well Known MemberMember

    I’ve got a crow and cardinal on my stomach. They take up about 1/4 of my torso. They’re not the greatest tattoos, specifally the cardinal that’s getting tattoo’d in these pictures. But I absolutely love them and I don’t remember what I looked like without them. I was 16 when I got both of them and I’m now 22. I wanted them on my hips but after losing a lot of weight and becoming really confident with myself, I decided to get them on much stomach. While I got a LOT of flack for the placement while I was in high school, and I still do, I’m not worried about it. It’s my body, my tattoos, if they stretch or shrink (...which they already have a bit hahahah) it’s my problem and I’m honestly not sure why everyone else is more concerned about the long term than I am - I enjoy them now and when I’m old and saggy I can look back and go “I really loved what these tattoos did for me, they brought me a lot of joy and I still hold the memories though they’re just grey and black blobs now.”

    Tattoos also don’t need to have some crazy deep meaning either. Expect people to ask you “oh but what does it meaaaaannnn??” ... it doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s beautiful artwork that I enjoy having on my body. That’s all. It doesn’t need to have a story. Mine surely don’t. It was from an album I liked when I was young, I don’t follow the band now and I never really did. I just liked the artwork :)

    Anyways, sorry for my rant!! I can’t wait to see your tattoo. Any ideas what colors you’re going to do?? And fin type?!

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  7. jenmurFishlore VIPMember

    @BReefer97. Oh wow! The lines on the cardinal look good and the color on the crow! I like how your skin can breath in the crow, it’s not just a blob of black. And hey, they look good. And you like them. That’s the important thing
    Fin type I’m going for crowntail hopefully. I AM open to others if my artist suggests that for a first time tattoo. Colors I’m currently thinking pink head, blue body, and definitely purple on fins and maybe some red there too?? I’d like a picture flaring. Here’s my current boy I sent pictures of for a reference to my artist


    I also sent a picture of a past betta for a halfmoon reference as well as beard.

  8. BReefer97Well Known MemberMember

    Thank you!! My cardinal is haha. The beak faded out, the eye disappeared because the black bled, the rosary beads are all sorts of wrong and the line work is horrendous on the tail. Luckily my pants cover the worst parts hahah.

    But oh wow!!! That would be beautiful!! I love color work, that’s going to be outstanding. I adore fish tattoos, they always seem to be the most detailed and eloquent. I think red in there would really pull it all together :) how big are you getting it and any ideas on placement? Placement effects pain levels, where I got mine is supposedly one of the worst spots because loose skin is tender and they go up on my bottom ribs but it wasn’t bad at all and I absolutely hate needles. I still have to have the nurses hold my hand and strap my arms down when I get blood taken because it freaks me out that badly.

    Pain isn’t all that bad. Mine honestly felt like a razor blade or glass cutting through the skin. You know how you don’t really feel pain but it just feels really weird and uncomfortable? Yeah, it’s kind of like that at the beginning. Then it’s like a cat scratch on sunburn - which sounds awful, but after the first 5 minutes of it it’s just really annoying. The worst part is when they wipe it off with a wet paper towel...feels so good at first because it’s nice and cold but then it just feels like it’s being lit on fire. But I found it completely tolerable. I didn’t have to take any breaks and each tattoo was a little over 2 hours. Make sure you go back for the touch up though! Most tattoo artists want you to come back (no extra charge, tipping is always appreciated though) so they can fix up any of the color that may have fallen out during the healing. Follow your tattoo artists after care instructions :) it will ITCH like heck but try not to itch it too much. Don’t keep it too moist, a lot of people will apply ointment over and over again the second their tattoo starts to dry up a bit - that can draw ink out of the skin and cause infections.

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  9. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    My biggest advice is to find a good tattoo artist whose style you like. Don't just walk into any random shop. You probably could get a betta done anywhere, but it's better to find someone who specializes in realistic, colorful tattoos (if that's the style you want). You may have to wait to get an appointment but it will be worth it. My last tattoo artist was scheduled out four months, and it was definitely worth waiting for.

    The worst part by far was the itching! Ugh, soo awful. I would wake up in the middle of the night scratching my tattoo. Thankfully i did not scratch too hard and mess anything up.
  10. Skullkong101Valued MemberMember

    Lol I'm to chicken to get a tattoo.
  11. jenmurFishlore VIPMember

    @BReefer97. Ah ok. Huh. That is odd. See the eye nice and clear on the black bird. I sent Anna 19 pictures in total. Placement upper arm or leg. So it’s easy for me to reach for after care. And it’s an easy spot overall to get tattooed. I need to be able to reach easily just in case I’m pet sitting during after care.I am not looking forward to the pain, cuz I know it’s gonna be there. But I can deal with it. That and the itching will suck. Is it bad that I’m picturing the itching being worse than the pain? Hehe.

    @Jellibeen. I believe I have! I have seen her work on my friend. I researched best shops in my city. Went to one Monday early afternoon and I wasn’t thrilled. No help on design or placement of tattoo. I know it’s ultimately my tattoo and choice but I know nothing of best placement or design for a tattoo. I have ideas. Went to a 2nd shop Monday evening. Lady at counter quickly asked how I needed help and another artist heard me and brought out an artist who was free (AJ) after seeing pictures I had and hearing my descriptions he recommended Anna for an artist. She even came out quickly and we set up a consultation for Friday evening and asked me to send pictures for her to look at. Totally different experience than the other shop. I like the pictures of her tattoos on the website and I like her tattoos on my friend. I’m willing to wait because I gotta save up the money for it! I heard the itching was bad. Ugh. That sounds like the worst part! I read wearing socks on your hands can help not scratch in sleep.

    @Slullkong101. I’ve thought about this for years and I am still nervous about a bunch of needles going into my skin. And the itchiness that follows. But I think I will find it worth it. The husband is cool with it, the few friends I’ve told and I have even asked a dog walking/pet sitting client about tattoos since she has them.
  12. Skullkong101Valued MemberMember

    It's your choice man. I'm not saying you have to. Do what you believe you want to do.
  13. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    Nice! Sounds like you have done your research. The itching sucks but it's only a few days for something that lasts a lifetime.
  14. MattMobrayNew MemberMember

    I think the dragon tail would be beautiful. If they are doing any fading, don't be scared when they pull out the wire screen thing. It looks more painful than the needle but hurts so much less. I have a tattoo on my side from my hip to right under my armpit, but it's not animal related so I won't share a pic unless you care to see. I used aquaphor and applied it throughout the day until it was healed. There's probably people who will say that's not the right thing to do so do your own research and ask the artist what he recommends. Since you're getting it before summer, if it's going to be exposed, use an zinc oxide sunscreen to protect it. If you get it, I hope you enjoy it :). Also that bearded half moon is just a cool looking fish.
  15. JLeeMWell Known MemberMember

    The pain level during the actual process of getting a tattoo varies on body location and each individual. For me, it wasn't too bad except for where it goes over bony areas. Like the edges of my shoulder blades and the areas right over or beside my spine. Doesn't last long, and definitely had worse pains in life though. Aftercare and healing I find very comparable to a mild sunburn.
  16. jenmurFishlore VIPMember

    @Skullkong101. I know . I just wanted it out there that it’s not a spur of the moment thing.

    @Jellibeen. Oh yeah. I’m big on research when I want to do something. Or go somewhere. Exactly! The pain and the itchy won’t last forever but the art will! . I got a friend who lives down the street who has tattoos and she’s willing to help me live down the process. Yay friends! Hehehehe.

    @MattMobray. Oh, Merlin? The blue and orange guy? I thought about getting just him at first, but now I’m thinking get a color pattern that shows most of my bettas. So pink head, blue body, purple fins. Maybe throw red in there? I’m gonna ask my artist what colors she thinks would look good with my skin. What wire screen thing??? Sure! And you are quite brave for a rib cage tattoo! I heard those can hurt quite a bit. I use sun screen when I remember which should be more often since I work outside. The tattoo while being covered by shorts or a T-shirt will definitely help remind me. Floyd was an awesome betta!
  17. MattMobrayNew MemberMember

    Idk exactly how to explain it but when they did mine it was a tiny screen maybe a few mm wide and angled at the tip. The longest edge is where it will be darker and the shorter part will be lighter because it doesn't go in as deep so it doesn't apply as much ink
  18. jenmurFishlore VIPMember

    Ah ok. Thanks for explaining that to me . Good to know just in case they use it.
  19. WillR1496New MemberMember

    I have quite a few tattoos. The pain level...well..I fell asleep at the last tattoo session I had. lol. The only ones that hurt the most were the ones on my calves. The rest were relaxing.

    I read through this and saw you got your research done. Good. Aftercare is important. After my first 3 tattoos, I stopped using A&D ointment. Every artist I dealt with told me not to use it as it sucks the ink out of the skin somehow and it won't let your skin breath. I've used After Inked for my last few it's worked wonders. It helps with the itchiness and it makes the colors pop. The ones on my leg were dull and I have dry skin. I put this on and it brought it back to life. I found After Inked at a tattoo convention. Another lotion I've dealt with in the past was H2Ocean.

    And if the tattoo starts to itch, pat it, do not scratch it. I think the hard part is remembering not to scratch. my cousin forgot he had a tattoo and in his sleep he scratch it and it hurt him bad. Luckily he didn't damage the tattoo.
  20. Morpheus1967Valued MemberMember

    I have a couple of tattoos. The pain during wasn't too bad, but I have both on my arms. As stated above, when they are near a bony area, like say your ankle, the pain can be a little worse. As for the pain afterward, I would compare it to a mild sunburn. Not bad, but enough you know it's there. And it will itch much the same way a healing sunburn does.

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