Anybody Have Experience With Breeding Bumblebee Gobies?

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I currently have a 10G tank running for them, image will be posted, along with pictures of each of my 4 Bumblebee Gobies.
The specific gravity is about 1.002-1.003.
I like to feed them frozen bloodworms as the main staple, but will do other things, more depends on what I am feeding other fish as I cut cubes of frozen food into 1/2s or 1/4s to disperse.

I think these guys are super cool and would like to breed them. You can see the tank pretty much fake plants, I don't think they really care, but I do have a shell in there for them to use as a hide sometimes. I have read that they breed in caves, so that is why it is in there, something more 'natural'.
They are super territorial and pretty much hold their ground in a little area in the tank, only leaving it to feed, but they never hurt each other. I do notice the gold band right behind their head will disappear and reappear depending (quite quickly actually, very interesting to watch) on what they are doing, but I haven't really figured it out yet. For example refer to goby #1, vs goby #3.

I am not sure if I have all males or all females, but they are kinda little chunky monkies, so I am thinking mostly females. I will post images of the tank and each fish. I added a nice microsoft paint job to them to tell them apart!.

Does anybody have tips or experience with breeding these little guys, and can someone tell me if they are male or female? They just ate so they may look a little fat all around. Thank you!

The Tank:
Goby #1:
Goby #2:
Goby #3:
Goby #4:
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They are very cute, hopefully members who’ve had any success breeding them can offer some advice today
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