Anybody Ever Raised Bolivian Rams?


I have had this pair of Bolivian Rams for a bit in my 75 community tank. They are a pair, not the happiest, but they get the job done every now and again.

I just found a nice clutch of eggs on a rock in there with the female guarding it. I have been considering raising Bolivian Rams just because I like them so much, but I haven't gotten eggs recently, nor have I had time. I am now to the point to where I think I can make something happen, but I haven't really ever raised rams. I have done angels and corys, along with livebearers (but those are easy), but never got rams to raise up. I think I got wigglers in the community tank once, but thats about it.

For food I have a few things in store for fry. Vinegar Eels, Microworms, Baby Brine Shrimp, Hikari First Bites.

From my reading they come out small, like real small. I have a 2.5g tank I can setup for raising fry. I can feed vinegar eels, do daily small waterchanges, then move them to a bigger tank, assuming they live.

Just looking for some general opinions on if anybody has done this and what I can expect. I would class myself as a novice breeder, but not scared or panic at the sight of fry.

Thanks for reading!


Bolivians my favorite.
Years ago I stumbled into breeding well actually just assisting "Mother Nature".
I had no idea what I was doing but with the help and guidance from members here I have been successful, raised 100's.
Here is the thread, some "Good" info
I Have Wigglers Now Fry! Again Ram Cichlid | Ram Cichlid Forum | 318008

And also this current thread
Jmaldo's Breeding Journey | Breeding Fish Forum | 372227

Long reads but well worth it. Take a look and post any specific questions not answered.

I'll do my best to help.

Good Luck!
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I have a batch of Bolivian rams at the moment.
My choice was to have the adults in their own 82 litre/. 22 gallon tank and remove the parents as soon as the fry were seen.
The fry are small but not microscopic like rainbow fry . I feed micro worms and live baby brine from day one. I didn’t use Infusorea because I think the fry are big enough not to need it? They moved on to dry food without any issues, although I did add the dry dust at the same time as the live baby brine and micro worms. My Bolivians are well past any issues of transitioning to dry food but recently for new baby fry I have been grinding live baby brine with a mortar and pestle having added the dry dust to make a paste. This is how I intend to do it from now on.
At a little over 2 cm / 0,79 inches I am not seeing any aggression as they swim in a school now in their own 40 gallon.

I would not feel happy to use a 2.5 gallon tank .
I would use a 2 gallon hang on front breeding box with water circulating from a large tank. But only for a small batch of fry , and only for a short time.

Even with 82 litres / 22 gallons I was changing some water every 3 days or so.
Experience with live bearers fry has convinced me of the issues with growth hormones requiring multiple small water changes. As important as feeding is fresh water is more important for fast growth. That is why I would not like to try a 2-5 gallon on a large number of fry.
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I noticed today that the parents ate a few eggs, so what is left I will try to raise. I moved them into a 20g long tank and am just going to wing it with baby brine shrimp and micro worms.

Thanks for the replies!
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