Anybody Can Tell Me What Kind Of Guppy I Have?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Oranger77, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Oranger77

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    EDB2BB8D-4904-4775-85DA-EC0946B90619.jpeg842860C4-EDC3-4325-A856-B904B2DEA43E.jpeg I try googling and i narrow it down to tiger yellow or maybe blond cobra!? Not really sure what i have specially because that orange 9B009534-E4F7-4D3A-BE61-3A796D99AF66.jpeg stripe on his side and that black spot (near the analfin) appears and disappears depending on the days.

    The other one i think is a sunset flame? Not sure that or sunburst?

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  2. DutchAquarium

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    Look at king cobras for the one. I don't know the other. You might want a few more opinions, i'm not literate on guppy morphs.
  3. GuppyGuy007

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    First one looks to be some sort of female.
    The other one might be a Endler Guppy Hybrid. Or a snakeskin.
  4. aussieJJDude

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    Female may be a red tuxedo mixed....
  5. Mcasella

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    The males are cobras, neither are blond (they are gray bodied with markings over that).
    The first is a female, I would say red with a touch of something else because of the blue.
    Everything except the female is a cobra.
    You have what is known as pretty common pet store guppies, they aren't hard to find because every petsmart/co has them.