Any Websites With The Most Accurate Fish Facts? I.e. Hardness, Ph, Temperature

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by pigeonmaster, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. pigeonmasterNew MemberMember

    So I always find the general kh, ph, and temperature ranges that each of my fish species requires, and I keep my tank within those parameters. I want to know what website(s) have the most accurate and definitive info though. Most google searches of a fish species usually lead me to, but I want to know how reliable their info is. I also want to know if there are any sources that include more specific info. Liveaquaria gives a range of temp, ph, and kh for each species, but I want to know specific numbers. For example, instead of being told a certain fish needs a PH between 6 and 7, I want the exact optimal number within that range. I want to research the specific parameters each of my fish species thrive the best in, and then average them out so that my parameters are the best they could possibly be for the community as a whole.
    Currently, my main tank has angels, ram cichlids, flying foxes, clown loaches, cherry barbs, pristella tetras, head+tail light tetras, and bristlenose plecos with tons of live plants.
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    I use this website called Animal world that gives good information: breeding, ph, temp, gallons, diseases, etc,
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    This is a good one when researching specific fish care requirements.
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    You will usually find ranges when it comes to both temp. and PH. Ph doesn't really matter for most fish anyways, most fish can adapt. It really only matters for wild caught fish, or fish that are very sensitive like Discus. Most fish you can acclimate into your tank and they will be fine. The other time it matters is if your PH is very low say 6.0 because then you may not be able to cycle your tank, and/or have cycle crashes. A PH of 6.0 means your KH is usually too low as well and can't really buffer.

    As far as temp. goes you will see ranches on that too because sites use the temps from the wild which go through different seasons. The lower temp. is the lowest it gets, same with the highest temp but neither of these are permanent in the wild. In your tank you want to aim more for middle of the low and high, since your tank will be a permanent temperature.

    I personally like to use,, and for help with community tanks. I also double check with fishlore, since many have a lot of experience such as Anders, Aquaphobia, TexasDomer and so many more.