Any Theories on Mystery Snail Baby Size Differences


I had a baby snail egg clutch hatch around the 4th of July. It's been over 2 months and what fascinates me is the difference in sizes. I have a few babies who are now about the size of a dime. Most are about the size of a pea - maybe. But, I also have a small number who have barely grown at all since the eggs hatched. I was thinking maybe I wasn't originally feeding them enough & the fastest snails were getting to the food source first. I recently began feeding them more, since I realized how quickly they decimated a few shrimp pellets.

Does anyone know if it's normal for the size differences? And if so, what causes them to grow at such incredibly different rates?

I'll post a few pics so you can see the crazy differences in size!BabySnailPiggyBack.MysSn.jpgBabySnails4.MyS.jpgBabySnails6.MyS.jpg


The different growth rate could be cause by a number of things. Maybe the larger ones have found more food or just simply grow faster. Abundance of food is probably the most likely explanation.


I agree with Cheesecake Food would be one of the main factors. Could also be genetics. We raise green cory fry in a 5.5 and the eggs are usually always put in the tank at the same time and some are 1/4" long and some look like they just came out of the egg.
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