Any Philadelphia/ Pennsylvania Clubs Or People? Question

  1. Marco Rodriguez Member Member


    Just looking for others out there in my area :)

  2. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Hey Marco - There are a few aquarium clubs down your way.

    1. Delaware County Aquarium Society (Springfield, PA)
    2. Bucks County Aquarium Society (Churchville, PA)
    3. Pennsylvania Fish Culturist Association (Philadelphia, PA)
    4. Philadelphia Area Reef Club (Philadelphia, PA)

    As for people in PA, there are quite a few Pennsylvanians on FishLore. I myself am up in the Poconos. I'm not sure who all is in the Philly area though.

  3. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Awesome Thank you :)

  4. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    No problem. There's also the New Jersey Tri-State Tropical Fish Association over in Barrington, NJ. The South Jersey Guppy Group is in Princeton.

  5. Mskia1972 Initiate Member

    Hello Marco, I live in Philadelphia. I have been catering for fish for about a year and a half. I suffer from mts ( multiple tank syndrome). Lol

    I have African cichlids, (lake Tanganyika and Malawi), I have rainbows, angelicus botia, Cory Dora's, gouramis, fancy guppies, Discus, Bettas, Pecos, Congo tetras, diamond Head tetras, African dwarf frogs, shrimps ,ECT... My aquariums are planted. These are 2 of my smaller setups. I honestly have 14 tanks. 1da788b5f10b47e9048d471c70143adf.jpg 28eb2e49e6b5c220a210fb620cd41b9b.jpg
  6. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    That is awesome! I was just trying to give away a rusty Cichlid/ Lavender Mbuna in this area but found out my school can take her :). I wish I had multiple tanks. I have 2 (a 20 and a 55) but my mom haaaates fish and having fish tanks around. I snuck in the first 2 and once they are inside She gives in and lets me have them :). Sadly tho I have to buy everything myself so I'm down to like 8$ to my name
  7. Avy Initiate Member

    I'm right outside Philly in Delco and also have severe MTS. A fresh community tanks and way too many massive African cichlid tanks. Everything is going well and there are plenty of fry and baby snails in the fish room. So Hello, Neighbors!
  8. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Hi! Good to know people are around! Weird Question. And sounds like it's a no but want a Juvenile female Lavender Mbuna?
  9. Avy Initiate Member

    I'll check with the boyfriend. He keeps the mbunas (I keep peacocks and haps). I'll message on your page later!
  10. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Awesome! Let me know :)
  11. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    @Avy Any update?
  12. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    @mskia1927 any chance u want the juvenile Lavender Mbuna?
  13. jtwizz Member Member

    Hi! I live about an hour outside Philly in Montgomery county... I am in the beginning stages of MTS... only 2 at the moment, but already pricing out a 150g to move my goldies to and dreaming about betta sororities and an invert tank...
  14. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Awesome! I'm 20-25 outside the city in the mainline! Same question goes to you about the free Lavender Mbuna :)
  15. jtwizz Member Member

    Haha not at the present time. One of my tanks is goldfish and the other is platys and snails.
  16. Marco Rodriguez Member Member

    Ah. No worries haha definitely wouldn't work . Happy to know there are people nearby! Good luck with them and the new tank :)
  17. platy21 Member Member

    I'm in the Pittsburgh area, so on the other side of state. I just discovered some groups here and am interesting in learning more.