Any other tank stocking for my aquarium?

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    AnthonySharpe Member Member

    65 gallon tank, with a striped rapheal catfish, abei puffer, 8 danios, and 1 rope fish. Before people hate on me, the puffer is 100% freshwater, and is usually HIGHLY aggressive and will NOT tolerate tankmates. I risked it and added more fish, and he seems to actually enjoy the ropefish as a tankmate, and is very tolerant to everything else. I was just wondering, it seems the puffer can tolerate some things, can something else be added?
    Thanks for any information :3
  2. Kribensislover

    Kribensislover Member Member

    I have no advice to share, however I wanted to comment. I have seen the freshwater puffers & I actually wanted one badly until my guy at my lfs feed them & showed me why I can't have one (pouts) I'm so surprised it's not eating all your fish!! Yay for you tehee. Pics??
  3. OP

    AnthonySharpe Member Member

    [​IMG] Sorry, the only picture I have at the momment. I'm not home right now..