any other star wars fan out there

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Hey so did anyone else catch the star wars marathon that aired on spike this past weekend. I watched every episode and still want to watch them.

I'm a huge star wars fan but not as much as my buddy sean and his dad.

Their collection includes millons of star wars comics, all movie posters for the 6 movies, star wars video games and yes they even have a star wars fridge(in the star wars room respicitively) oh yeah they have a star wars room.

After watching the first three movies I have broken a fish keeperd rule. Please don't shun me for months to come and please don't hate me but I. Dipped into the saltwater tank fund. I know it was wrong but memorial day weekend is approaching and the boats gonna need a lot of gas so I am sorry. Don't worry in 3 weeks ill get my 2nd paycheck and will return the money.

So I got star wars battlefront 2 for xbox.
Star wars 1 to 6 on blu ray.
And some carbon filter pads.

So any other fans out there

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What I think is fun, is to watch Star Wars, and then turn around and watch Spaceballs.

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I used to love Star Wars and watched it a ton, but haven't watched them in a while.

Of course, after reading your post I'm tempted to fire up Star Wars Force Unleashed and play a bit now!
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Sorry Luke. I'm a trekkie all the way.
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Star Wars are my all-time favorite movies! My father and I have many of the original star wars figures/ships/etc. And I have some of the newer figures still in the boxes.

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