Any other green dragon pleco owners on here?


I would love to see some photos of other people's green dragon plecos! I just got my little guy yesterday and I love him. I am just guessing he's a boy. He has tiny little whiskers on the sides of his mouth. My black eyed yellow bristlenose is about the same age, but has no bristles, so I am guessing she is a girl, but I am definitely not an expert.

I have my green dragon in my 15 gallon endler tank temporarily, until I get my 55 gallon this weekend, but I still have to get it set up and cycled in, so it'll be a bit before he gets moved into there.

My black eyed yellow bristlenose in a 20 gallon with my Electric Blue Acaras, they will also be moved to the 55 gallon in a few months time. Everyone is still young, and smaller. I can't wait to watch them all grow. The last picture is of her, because she is cute. She loves her little wafers. My little pleco babies.


SanDiegoRedneck you have some of these guys right?


mimo91088 said:
SanDiegoRedneck you have some of these guys right?
By biggest juvinile is getting bristles


With some photobombs by long fin calico and long/short fin blue eye lemon.


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