Any Nascar Fans?

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Daughter and I are big fans.. ok so maybe it's more me ! Stewart, and Gibbs racing in general, are the folks I pull for. My daughter makes it easy - she calls all the blue cars, lol.

Anyone else Nascar junkies out there!?

HAHA! Ok ok, so we're hiding the fact we're Jr fans now since he's driving for Hend. Racing. Whenever he and Tony hook up for drafting though, there's always a bunch of yellin here
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my boyfriend n I are for Jr but my mom is for stewart, gordon, and newman. her boy friend is for edwards... huge racing fan family
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From Australia , so it would have to be Marcus Ambrose in what was busch the series last year. He is supposed to be racing for Gordon on the road courses this year so I have to go for him. Robbie that is .
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Oh yes, husband and I are both fans. Sunday afternoons usually reserved for the race. As I post, Fishlore/The Oscars, my husband is pouting about the race being called due to rain.....poor baby.....
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Hasn't been called yet! They want to finish the race tonight - they are still drying the tracks.
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Well, I am the nighthawk, I am going to be nice and record it!!! Thanks!
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NP!! Look for a green flag in the net 45 mins or less. Radar is looking good and they've had blowers on the tracks for the last 10 minutes or so.



Lap 85

At 11 p.m. ET, NASCAR hopes to get the race back under way by midnight ET.
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I am not a avid race fan, although I do enjoy watching (and I'm the only female in the house, sports of some kind are usually on the TV)but, I have a question: is boogity boogity boogity are racing cheer thing?
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An old racer, who is now a commentator, Darrell Waltrip (his brother Michael Waltrip still races under the NAPA logo - car 55) pretty much coined the phrase. He uses it on every start/restart of a race, generally speaking.
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Okay....I like Darryl as a commentator, he gets so worked up! I guess I never heard him say that.... now I'm gonna pay attention
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race day! In Las Vegas today!
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boogity boogity boogity I'm watching (listening rather right now)
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Race day at Bristol!
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:-\ We used to be huge fans..season tickets to Dover and Pocono...spent part of out honeymoon at Charlotte lol.
That is....until the dictatorship that is NASCAR took over.

Watching today tho, after all it IS Bristol.
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Maybe someone rich enough and with big enough ***** will break off and form a new stock car racing circuit. Nascar today is completely commercialized and the races are catered to the sponsors, not the fans. I hate the way it is now, but I still love racing
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I am the biggest fan of Marcus Ambrose
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Wife and I are huge NASCAR fans and pull for J tickets to the Coke Zero 400 in Daytona on July 5...can't wait !!!
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