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  1. gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    I have just added 2 yellow labs to my tank and they have settled in really well. What i would like to know is does anyone have expierience with yellow tail acei as i want to get a couple and need to know if they will get on with the labs

  2. deathtroll Member Member

    the acei should work with your labs. you might want to add some more labs all mbuna are best kept with 1m to 3 or 4 females to keep aggression low and also do better over stocked for the same reason. The labs and acei are both on the lower end of the aggression side for mbuna as a general rule.
  3. gunner13 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks d t i will check it out but cant have too many as i dnt want to over stock. The labs seem to get on with my albino krib so cld that be another option as well.
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    are these fish going in your 240L tank with the barbs and others? if so, africans do best in a species only tank..they have different water requirements as well as food ....if not, you want to overstock all african cichlid tanks...they do better and have too many neighbors to worry about one another ;) LOL

    but most, if not ALL african cichlids. belong 1m to 3-4f as deathtroll suggested...