Any Ideas What This Is

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by redbeard9, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. redbeard9

    redbeard9New MemberMember

    White spot/line above mouth.

    I didn't notice it the first day I got this serpae tetra. I've had this fish for about four days. I hasn't gotten any bigger since I noticed it.
  2. Katie13

    Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    It appears to be cottonmouth.
  3. OP

    redbeard9New MemberMember

    Better pic
  4. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

    Serpae tetra
  5. OP

    redbeard9New MemberMember

    Thanks. lol

    I was asking about the white on the serpae's mouth.
  6. Frisky2011

    Frisky2011New MemberMember

    My first thought when I read "White spot on the mouth" was Mouth Rot. Is the white spot on his mouth at all fluffy? If it is, then it could be Mouth Rot, but read through the symptoms from this website to see if they match to what your fish has.

    If not mouth rot, then it could be Columnaris… it's a disease that could've been brought on by stress (brought on during the time it took for the fish to be transported from the place you got it to your house). I'd recommend that you keep an eye on him so you'll be able to notice if he acts differently. Here's a link to another forum page and a link to a website about Columnaris:

    1. Columnaris Forum Link -> Columnaris Symptoms And Treatment

    2. (I've used this website many times from when my Goldfish had Ich, Fin Rot, Mouth Rot, Body Rot, and Hemorrhagic Septicemia in the past, and the info I found was very helpful when I needed to find a medicine to match an illness's type(Bacterial/Fungal & Gram Negative/Gram Positive) when using meds! I also learned how to take better care of my fish along the way!) (
  7. OP

    redbeard9New MemberMember

    Thanks frisky. I read the article. My LFS said it may just be the he/she ran into something in my tank. The white spot doesn't have a cottony/woolly look to it so I'm not sure what it is. But, so far so good. He/she is still the biggest and the bully of my serpae group.

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