Any ideas on what this is?

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    Water parameters:
    Fully cycled filter with bio rings
    Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 40 (okay as this is a planted tank with Flourite)

    Sick fish: four months old female Trinidadian Poecilia picta. A couple of days ago, I suddenly realized that her spine is now deformed, and she is swimming weakly compared to the healthy pictas. She is still eating.

    Meds: none. I am going to offer some minced, blanched, peeled peas tonight, but I don't expect her to eat them as these fish eat from the surface of the water mostly and do not like to graze.

    History: Her mother was caught in Trinidad last March, and this girl was born soon there after with her siblings in a 2 gallon tank at the University lab. The assumption was that they were free of mycobacteria as the river and that particular lab room did not have any issues. I put them in my daughter's former Betta tank for a couple of months as I did not have a better situation for them. Then in June, after my severe tendinitis started, someone help me set up a 20 gallon for the now 16 pictas and a swordtail as fry eater. The population has not grown in 2 months, which is kind of what I intended as I was looking for balance.

    My daughter's Betta died last February, and at the time I believed that it was as result of having gone through several months with an even temperatures in his tank over the winter. I was distracted by my elderly parents' health issues and could not concentrate on figuring out a good solution for the current and temperature in that tank until a couple of weeks before he died. He bloated, then pine coned, and died slowly over a period of about two weeks.

    I should have torn down that tank at that point. I knew that my daughter had panicked while I was away at my parents and November and vacuumed the tank with a dirty siphon. That particular vacuum had been used on a tank of fish that have multiple mycobacteria. I prefer to decontaminate equipment before use, so that I know every time that it is clean. I was upset with her when I got back and discovered the mess, but so many other things were going wrong and I did not think it through to the logical end. Looking back on it, too, I also did not want to upset her more than she already was. At any rate, I put it out of my mind.

    Then my friend at the lab told me he had caught a pregnant picta for me. I had not actually wanted him to do that, and I felt terrible. So much was going on, and the evolve 8 was so beautifully planted and inviting for some tiny wild fish that all I did was run potassium permanganate through it before seeding the cycle with some filter material from a friend's apparently healthy tank.

    Now this. Please tell me that you see something here other than what I do. I have too many active mycobacterial infections going on in my life and do not want to see more if I can help it...
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    I don't see any spinal deformities in those photos... am I missing something?
  3. junebug

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    endlercollector I keep coming back and staring at these pictures. Do you have better ones? How is she doing?
  4. OP

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    Her spine is bent so that her tail hangs downward. She's very stressed out and hides a lot. The tail itself looks clamped at times. No, I have not yet put her down, which I should have done automatically following the usual protocol around here. Do you to the tendinitis, however, I have been paying for outside help I need to prioritize as there is not enough time and money for others to do everything that I usually do by myself.

    Still have to post about the Girardinus metallicus disaster, which may have something in common with this tank after all. I was not able to get any photos of that problem, unfortunately. The adult females all got bloated to the point where they lost the scales on their bellies but never pineconed. One of them did develop a lesion finally on her side. The male fry had disappeared, I guess he got eaten by like this swordtail. But there were five female fry, so I went ahead and had lab asst put down all the adult girls for me.

    If I can get some healthier fry in that tank, I think that I will eventually put all of the Girardinus metallicus in with Endler's and a level one UV sterilizer.
  5. junebug

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    :( That is just weird... never seen anything like it. It's still just the one female in this tank?
  6. OP

    endlercollectorFishlore VIPMember

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