Any Idea What This Fish Is? Question

  1. ciska Member Member

    I received a multitude of young/baby zebra danios in August from my LFS before it closed, and recently gave some away when they got too big (didn't want to be overstocked). A few were very young fry and were eaten, however one of them actually survived and has doubled in size. Now that I can see it more clearly, I don't think it's actually a danio like the others (it doesn't have the same shaped tailfin). Any ideas? I think it might be a guppy.

  2. Ed204 Fishlore VIP Member

    That’s a Guppy alright. It probably got into the mix of Danio fry that you received from you’re LFS, Guppy fry are extremely common in LFS’s.
  3. ciska Member Member

    I'm impressed the little guy lived this long. I assume it will probably be okay as the only one of its kind since it hasn't known any difference? lol
  4. Avanish Initiate Member

    That's a guppy!!
  5. Congokid Initiate Member

    Definitely a guppy, I've had quite a few before.
  6. Ed204 Fishlore VIP Member

    It'll be fine as long as it's active and eating, and pooping of course, that's what guppies, platies and mollies do best.