Any ID on this creature

  1. V

    VinFox716 New Member Member

    I have about 1000 of these they started just a few on glass and i kept scrapping em off, and then i let em ago because it was getting to be a lot of work and now they are all on glass and on live rock, seem to eat small GHA i had, looks like a snail or something with a spiral tube like shell, but i have no idea, sorry can't get a better pic, they are extremely tiny about the size of the point on a pen, about 1/10th of a dime, any ideas, good or bad, pest or buddy bud b great thank you in advance

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  2. DoubleDutch

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  3. Redshark1

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    It does look like Malaysian Trumpet Snail.
  4. OP

    VinFox716 New Member Member

    all i could find on mts was for freshwater, i think they may be [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Rissoids any thoughts?[/FONT]
  5. Redshark1

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    Sorry, I didn't realise it was saltwater which I have little experience of.
  6. J

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    If they are eating the algae, leave them be. They'll stop reproducing when the algae is gone.