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Any Good Fish Stores In Las Vegas?

  1. Colt Frost Well Known Member Member

    Anyone here live in Vegas and know some good fish stores? I looked up a bunch on Google, and Lance's Aquarium looked good. Anyone been there?
  2. Derek S Valued Member Member

    I buy most of my stock at Trop Aquarium, it's on Tropicana Blvd and Eastern. Not sure if they still have 2 for 1 on Tuesdays.
    Well stocked, clean, family owned, and very nice people. One of the guys there breeds fancy angels (your avatar).
    Another good one is Lucky Tropical Fish on Spring Mtn. They concentrate more on cichlids though.
    If you're looking for cichlids, my buddy breeds all kinds. I'm new to this site so it doesn't look like I can PM yet.
    I have been to Lance's, nuff said.
  3. Colt Frost Well Known Member Member

    Ya, I'm looking for some Shell dwellers called Neolamprologus similis or multifasciatus, but not until around August or September when I have time and money to set the proper tank up. Just was wondering what the stores generally carried, as I'm not to far away.
  4. Derek S Valued Member Member

    Cool. I haven't seen them at the stores I go to. I know by buddy doesn't have them. Good luck with your setup!
  5. Colt Frost Well Known Member Member

    I just called Trop aquarium and he said they have some Similis in stock, and they're getting some Multifasciatus next week. Hopefully they keep them in stock until August or september lol.
  6. Derek S Valued Member Member

    That's awesome! I love that store!

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