Any Dungeons & Dragons Alumni here?

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I remember back when I was about 11, a bunch of us neighborhood boys buying the 'D & D' manual, monster compendium and all the die, and forming a Dungeons & Dragons club.. every afternoon after school for the next few years, we'd meet at a different kid's house and set off/continue on some fantastic adventure.. and because we all took turns setting up dungeons, and the more devious among us would use that opportunity to decimate others' characters who were getting too strong, immediately on ending that afternoons adventures, we'd switch to 'Professional Wrestling', and playfully beat the out of each other with moves like Dusty Rhodes 'Bionic Elbow' or Rick Flair's 'Figure-Four Leg Lock'.. and next day, we'd be back at it again, rolling the die, killing Orcs and Bugbears and who knows what else, trying to stay alive and get rich.. and even though most of us had AtarI systems with what was at that time, pretty cool games, I truly believe we had more fun stretching our imagination into the mysterious realms of Dungeons & Dragons.
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I DM'ed a group back in high school.
Tried off and on to get a group restarted, but schedules and work seem to intervene.

Now, I have no spare time to do so.
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I still get together once a year with the group I played with in college 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, I just got back home from this year's gathering today!
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I was a strange dichotomy in high school. I was the starting free safety on the football team and I played D&D. I had to resist the urge to give myself a wedgie every time I showed up for school :;jk
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Played D&D, was GM for D&D, still am GM for D&D. Also play Rolemaster, Shadowrun, Exalted, Vampire, etc....
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mmmmm D&D. Much D&D VERY much D&D. Played CyberPunk, GURPS, and a few local concoctions as well. Have DM'd. Like to DM. Would DM if friends didn't have so much else to do..... and I could devote the time......and wanted to shell out for all new materials. Wait I have dice WooHoo.
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Pity there isn't an on-line D&D group that'd allow me to play with some of you guys.. based on what you've said, I figure you got into gaming before PC's and game consoles, which tells me you each have an imagination that allows for a great story to unfold without electronic help.. not that I'm not into video gaming, actually a playstation rpg game junkie at the moment replaying 'Wild Arms' for the umpteenth time.
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I remember playing Wild Arms back on the PS1 when I wasn't playing FFVII or FFVIII.
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LOL BettaCouple. I just posted in the Poll for people who love video games. I totally guessed you for an FF fan. FF7 is the best ever.

I started playing D&D in high school. I was raised on video games. One of my earliest memories is getting an AtarI 2600. I was maybe 5 or 6. I remember seeing the price tag for 189 bucks. I remember thinking, "WOW, that's like $200". lol If only.
My D&D characters are more endeared to my heart than any video game character though. A friend of mine made up a simple game and he picked "character types" based on extremes of your own personality. I was a strangely intelligent Ogre, who was evil but was a pretty nice guy. He grew Mushrooms and collected skulls for his wall. My favorite RPG character.
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FFVII was a classic.. I remember before it came out (or the N64) a friend an I were at a gaming shop that had a japanese n64 with mario64 in it (a great Mario game btw) and a ps1 with a FFVII playable demo in it and nobody was at the N64.. then we had to wait almost a year until it came out in the states. > but that demo got me to buy a PS1 first, instead of a N64. It was quite satisfying to beat the bonus mega-bosses like ruby & emerald weapon too.

I didn't get a console until the NES.. I remember playing the first SMB until my thumbs fell off.. or should have.. lol.. it's funny, my parents got the NES right before a trip down to orlando for a week and I wanted to stay at the condo and play SMB on the NES rather than go to disney.. total video game addict from day 1. I never really got into non-video RPGs, not even Tolkein ones and i've always been a huge Tolkein fan. I guess I have microchips in my blood or something.
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