Any Cool Writing Prompts?


Hey, I'm a writer (well I'm having a book published in a month or two but I'm not really like with a company sense I'm only 13, its complicated lol) but right now I'm going through a slump. I haven't been to motivated or anything and I'm still pushing myself to work on my second book, but I thought it would be a good idea to try some short stories, and maybe I'll post a few of my own prompts for any other aspiring writers to practice!
First one: The monsters in the closet and under the bed are protecting a child from the true demons, her parents
Second one: Two immortals fall in love. Neither knows the others immortal, the years are flying by, and their both starting to panic
Third one: You have a security moniter in your bedroom so you check for intruders. You see a monster crawling up the stairs. The monster falls and you can hear it faintly crying. you find yourself calling out "you okay?"

Crafty Cichlid

You help the monster, and help return it to health. It's grateful for your help, but as it heals it starts to fight its nature and grapples with whether to eat you, or fully befriend you - both of you know that primal instincts could assert themselves at any moment, leading to your swift, but gruesome end? (Or short version, it's a ploy to see if you're home - it's death shaming, like a livingstronI cichlid - you approach to assess it's livelihood and...

dinosaur act

"that's not my frog" the lady replies with a look of disappointment. "my frog is much bigger, as wide as you are tall!" she explains signaling its hight using her claws. He looks on with a scrolled face "its not even the right colour" pulsing to see the merchants reaction. "he has three purple strips, not five" she explains. Removing the saddle he recounts the strips trying to work out his error. looking back and four from frog to lady to see where the pattern differs, raising his brow as he does. "I don't understand, are you sure this is not him" he raises the flyer "see its the same frog". "No, no, no, no, no!" she cracks "this is not him, this is not my frog!". Confused, he takes a step back, pitching the bridge of his nose with eyes closed. "so its not him?" he looks on in hope. "NO!" snaps the lady as she stomps her four feet in unison to the ground. A sigh of defeat echos across the plains. Pulling down his antenna "ummm, Pete" he pules for a replies "its the wrong frog". "what?!" a shilled voices pursues."yeah, she saying its not him; wrong frog mate" he looks up at the red faced lady to guage her response. "your aving a laugh!" Pete heckels "It can't be, I tracked it myself!" he looks at his feet as an attempt to not meet the eyes of angerly growing women. "Pete" he nervously speaks in too his antenna "your going to have to come back and collect the frog. sorry mate."


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