Any Common Foods I Can Feed My Betta?

  1. FishCareGuide Member Member

    What can I feed my betta besides his pellets and flakes? I give him pellets 6 days a week and one day is a "flake day". What can I probably find in my house that I can add to his diet? Peas or something?
  2. Zigi Zig Well Known Member Member

  3. FishCareGuide Member Member

    I said in my house.
  4. Zigi Zig Well Known Member Member

    I miss that part LOL I don't think there is nothing much around house

  5. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    We don’t know, you may have some bloodworms in your house.:) you can try some peas(defrosted and de-shelled) or garlic. But since bettas are carnivouris I wouldn’t do to many veggies to often, once a week would be a good amount of times.
  6. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Raw shrimp or other seafoods would be great. Like said above, occasional peas are good too.
    Also worms, mosquito larvae, etc that you can find/harvest around your house are part of their natural diet. Just make sure it can fit in their mouth lol
  7. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Peas are not Betta food, but an old goldfish constipation remedy Betta keepers picked up.
    If you have any small bugs in your house, they would love them. Fruit flies are always a hit with insectivores like Bettas.
    A said above, small pieces of shrimp or fish are welcomed.

  8. FishCareGuide Member Member

    Nice! Now all those (safe to feed) bugs in the house are GO'IN DOWN!
  9. Zigi Zig Well Known Member Member

    Feeding fish with food around house such bugs or shrimp you buy in grocery store, keep in mind there is risk of harmful parasites and unwanted bacteria..
  10. CricketKeeper Well Known Member Member

    Make sure you don't have pesticide where the bugs you are using live. I used to have a fruit fly culture for mine and they loved them. Don't feed anything with too hard of an exoskeleton (broken up roaches and things like that). You could just leave a bowl of water outside and get mosquito larvae that way (although it would attract mosquitos).

  11. FishCareGuide Member Member

    I have heard of the plate strategy, it won't work this time of year.
  12. akcarroll12 Member Member

    So you fill up a bucket a water, leave it in the sun for a few days in warm weather, and wola! Mosquito larvae! Just be sure to empty it every few days unless you want vampires in town...

    As for capturing bugs around the house, not sure how you would do it without it being in chemicals, a mangled mess, or parasitic.
  13. FishCareGuide Member Member

    But Winter is coming and it won't work.
  14. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    You can find things in your house if you plant them there. There are a lot insect and worm foods you can cultivate if you have some space.
    I have raised wingless fruit flies, white worms, grindal worms, Daphnia, artemia, and blackworms, without convincing my family to throw me out.