Any Canadians?


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Hi, I will hopefully be attending the University of Saskatchewan for my masters degree (fingers crossed I get accepted; its low-key my dream program and I'm a huge fan of the program chairs works). If all goes well I'll be making the move to Saskatoon, Canada in the fall of 2021!
So I'm wondering what will I need to know about life in Canada in general? Whats a reasonable rent to expect to pay? Whats Saskatoon like? Whats the aquarium hobby scene like- any good clubs or amazing live fish stores? Whats going to university like in Canada? Does anyone have experience being an American student studying in Canada?
Sorry for all the questions! But I will be eternally grateful for any answers, experiences, responses, or information!


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I'm from Canada, not saskatoon but I can answer a few of these.
Winters are colder than in most places in the states (excluding Alaska).
Saskatchewan is pretty flat so the weather is more extreme than in let's say Ontario (where I'm from it's all lake effect weather).

Sales tax is higher here than in the states so dont let that shock you. I know it's 13% here in Ontario but I'm not sure how much it is out in Saskatchewan.

We apparently also has a bunch of lingo not used in the states so don't be afraid to ask.

Food is good, we have some snacks you guys don't have like ketchup chips, coffee crisp etc.

Tea kettles get plugged into the wall, they do not go on the oven.

Hope you get in, good luck and enjoy Canada!

Jack B Nimble

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I am Canadian and have been to Saskatoon many times every year. It is a very nice city and has become a real University town the last 10 years. It had a bit of a boom the last couple and houses became expensive but, as far as rent I'd say its on par with any other city. I would call it a very clean city and lots of young people and the University is large in the N.W corner of city close to down town. I don't know about fish stores but, I assume the same as any small city. With your U.S funds you have 35% buying power already so I would expect rent at $600 U.S a month. Life in Saskatoon would be pretty fun as far as night life as I said its a young city. It regards to the University if my daughter wanted to become a Veterinarian that is the right place and it is very safe.

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