Any Beckfordi keepers out there?

  1. m

    mrtom New Member Member

    I wish to understand interesting behaviour developing in my tank. Is it courtship or male dominance?
    Also, can anyone ID the algae sprouting from the bogwood? It first appeared several months ago and all my research has proved futile!

  2. Harlebleondora

    Harlebleondora Well Known Member Member

    I'd say that is two males sparring for dominance, doing the side by side shimmying that is often displayed.

    The algae on your wood, you mean the root looking stuff? Possibly stag horn algae.

    Very nice looking tank by the way. :)
  3. OP

    mrtom New Member Member

    Interesting thing is the algae is only on the bogwood & not on the plants though Staghorn does look similar. (I found this image online, not from the tank)
    Time for a detailed water anyalis...

    Another thought, my T8 tubes are on year 3, well past their "optipum" life span. I know this is a specialised area but would you know how these tubes change / deteriorate over time and what the effect might be? I'm considering at the forces at play!!
    I think I might stop triming my plants for a while and break up the sight lines for the Beckfordi.
    Thanks for your input.